Victor Koopa

Current monarch of the land of Cheloneiros in the world of Subcon, Victor Maxwell Koopa leads what most would consider an exceptionally charmed life. The large palace-dwelling koopa won’t argue with that; but always seems to be on the lookout for something, perhaps suggesting that the turtle-dragon lord isn’t as satisfied as one might believe. Perhaps that explains his propensity for sneaking off…not that many will have the gumption to call him on it.


  • Birthdate: January 30th
  • Height: 8′ 6″ (about 2.6 meters)
  • Weight: 1,986-2,203 lbs (about 900-1,000 kilograms)
  • Eyes: Amber
  • Horns: Standard
  • Hair: Black
  • Body Colors: Orange-bronze, Honey
  • Shell: Olive with ten cone spines (two columns of three, center column of four)
  • Breath Type: Fire


A good eight and a half feet tall and perhaps that much around as well, this particular shell-backed creature might simply seem to be an overgrown turtle at first glance, but the ivory colored, cone-shaped spines on his massive olive green shell, his horned head, and his more draconic features show he’s a rather different kind of chelonian. Certainly a burly sort, the big koopa is an impressive male representative of his race, with heavily muscled arms, legs, and chest giving way to a considerably girthy, round belly. A mix of smooth orange and bronze scales cover most of his massive self with the exception of his honey colored, thick-ribbed chest and abdominal area. Curiously, jet black stripes are emblazoned upon his arms, outer body, and legs, not unlike those found on tigers.

Reflective amber eyes with black pupils are the highlight of his face, while thick black eyebrows match his short, thick, and semi-curly black hair that sits between two devil-like ivory horns. His face is a dark bronze, while his bulbous snout is a light butter yellow. The tips of two fangs poke out from the sides of his top snout lip. His chin is rounded, and his wide neck is short. When he speaks, his voice is fittingly deep, yet (usually) warm in tone, suggesting that he’s a gentleman of many years.

This koopa certainly has a good deal of mass to him, both in the form of a large helping of muscle and an even larger helping of chub. The heavy build includes plenty of power in his arms, legs, and chest that are sheathed in his tough scales, though his big, round, beach ball-like belly is more likely to be noticed first by most. Being testudine, his body is somewhat large in proportion to his limbs, which includes a stubby tail that features more black stripes across its top. His fingers and toes feature claws on the end of each of their respective thick digits. His huge, white-lipped, olive-green carapace only adds to his impressive size and presence, looking like it could withstand a nuclear blast. Said shell is adorned with cone-shaped spines, ten in all, colored the same as his claws.

Worn over his torso is a short sleeved, collarless, button down shirt, usually of a neutral color. The shirt looks perfectly tailored to him, somehow fitting with the constraints of his shell. It’s made of a cotton-rayon fabric blend, making it soft to the touch. Over this shirt he wears a pair of suspenders which are colored olive green, attaching to his pants with black leather Y-shaped clips.

The shirt is worn with a pair of tan colored dress pants with a soft cotton texture. The pants are held up with a thin glossy black leather belt featuring a copper colored buckle with a single pin closure. On his feet are a pair of boot-like shoes, with rather heavy tread. Adorning his head is a pair of gunmetal colored spectacles with a very slight tint to their ovoid shaped lenses.

The koopa wears three inch wide, black leather wrist and ankle bands. Instead of the usual cone studs found elsewhere, these are adorned with a brushed metal band going stamped around the center. These are kept secured to him via brass double-pin metal buckle closures. Complementing these is a slightly narrower collar done in the same style. A silver colored ring adorns his right hand.


Victor has all the abilities and powers you’d expect from a royal koopa, from spiny shell to fire breath. This includes:

  • Fire breath – Victor’s fire breath is quite powerful. He can produce it either in a short range stream or in longer range fireballs. There are some limits on how much he can produce at any given moment, though this tends to regenerate quickly. Victor can control the intensity of it, resulting in more blue-hued flames at higher temperatures, which also tend to be much faster.
  • Power Stomp / Ground Pound – By concentrating energy into a leg and then stomping the ground, Victor can generate a 360-degree blast wave that will push back or knock down anyone caught by it. It tends to decrease in height and power as it travels outward. This can also be channeled into a more precise and directional wave, or he can concentrate it into both legs and then jump for an even more powerful radial blast.
  • Shell-Related Abilities: Hide, Spin, Dash, Flip, Roll, Guard, and Reflect.
  • Super Strength: Victor is strong enough to punch through boulders and lift & press quite an amount of weight (in the multi-ton range). At bigger sizes, this increases even more.
  • Super Durability: Koopas are notorious for being exceptionally durable, and Victor is no exception. Most physical attacks are easily ignored or shrugged off, if they’re noticed at all. He is extremely heat and flame resistant (will usually complain that it just dries out his scales), as well as resistant or impervious to most forms of magic. He can survive long falls easily (doing far more damage to what he lands on than himself). He’s also highly poison-resistant.
  • Extra Lives: In the event Victor somehow is killed, expect him to somehow come back later, with little or no explanation. This ability may also work if he’s trapped or sealed away.
  • Leadership Skill: He knows how to lead people, being a king of several years now.
  • Victor has become somewhat skilled at his land and title’s native powers, which manifest in a few ways. The first is travel via Subcon doors. Victor can summon home doors at any time, barring the total loss of his homeland. These doors allow both him, others, and equipment to travel between Subcon and wherever the exit point is.

Victor also has a number of items kept on hand (or in shellspace):

  • Royal Sceptre: The symbol of his authority also doubles as a magikoopa wand, usually used to entrance others to do his bidding or temporarily transform them. He
  • Koopa Control Collars: For longer term subjugation, Victor may use these special collars that are designed to subvert the will of those who wear them when active. They cannot be left on all the time, though some of the programming given to subjects can stick (such as making them wear it at all times). These collars can also be remote or voice activated.
  • Access to the KoopaCo. catalog: Given his connections to the company, he has access to a wide variety of items, including the infamous Koop-O-Matic PKTA (Permanent Koopa Transformation Apparatus). Sometimes this is more like ACME catalog, however.

Victor does have a few quirks and vulnerabilities, however:

  • If his tail is pulled, he automatically shellhides. He cannot retract his tail, either.
  • He is completely alcohol-intolerant. Having any will cause him to violently apply fire breath uncontrollably.
  • He is not good with cold, like most reptiles. Prolonged exposure to temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit may cause torpor. Winter seasons cause him to be more sluggish and tired.
  • He gets extremely testy when someone mentions removing his shell.
  • He tends to be somewhat “speciesist”, at least against avians and a selection of mammals.
  • He has a taste for Yoshi eggs and Yoshis themselves…at least, that’s the rumor. If it were true and he were caught, there’d be quite an uproar about it.


Many of these changes carry over to other forms.

  • Base height increases by one foot.
  • One tail spine added.
  • Fire breath upgraded; gains a defense-piercing aspect when blue fire is used.
  • Dominance aura: People engaging with Victor will likely find themselves agreeing with and obeying him. This is voice-based, and can only be focused on one person at a time. Those hard of hearing will find it doesn’t work.
  • Hammer upgraded.
  • Durability increased.
  • Strength increased.


All Super Rank changes, plus…

  • Base height increases by one (more) foot.
  • One (more) tail spine added.
  • Burst stomp upgrade (two-footed power stomps create instant blast waves ala simultaneous ground pounds in New SMB Wii)
  • Fire breath upgraded. Homing / Guided fire power-up (fireballs now have limited homing capacity) available.
  • Royal dominance aura: Now even strong-willed people can’t help but want to bend their knee to the king, as listening to him quickly erodes away their will. Now works on small crowds up to 20 people.
  • Hammer upgraded.
  • Durability increased.
  • Strength increased.


Born some ninety plus (Subcon) years ago, Victor is currently an only child. Named after his paternal grandmother (and former queen), Victor assumed the throne approximately a decade and a half ago; his own parents were more involved in the running of KoopaCo. and his father had no interest in running the kingdom, instead buried in his own business and inventions.

Victor’s time as a koopaling was somewhat turbulent. Some in-fighting in his family developed after his grandfather, then king, wanted to have Victor trained much as he had been, to which Victor’s parents objected. Being a stubborn one, Victor’s grandfather did so in secret. When it was eventually found out (it’s not easy to conceal the sound of koopas stomping and hammering things, after all — nevermind Victor coming back from fights and battles he should have been sequestered from), bad blood developed for quite some time. It was the final straw in a series of various family dramas, and Victor was moved away.

During this interlude, Victor entered adulthood, spent time away from the kingdom, and ended to run an antique shop for a long while, spending some of that time finding interesting odds and ends on a few adventures. Relations within the family cooled down and tensions eased over the years.

When Wart attempted to conquer all of Subcon, Cheloneiros was largely unassailed, due to its remoteness. Those minions of Wart that did make it to the kingdom often found themselves cut off and surrendered, ending up joining the kingdom in time. Those who didn’t stood before the wrath of a reunited royal family and their own military forces, which proved exceptionally persuasive.

After the incident, Victor’s grandparents decided it was time to step down; their centuries of rule had produced a smoothly running kingdom, but like Victor, they still felt they had something left to do. Currently, they travel the realms of the Mario universe, but not before passing down the Lucky Star — or at least part of it. Victor now rules over the kingdom; most everything is well, other than him finding himself sneaking off to other realms every now and again — usually leaving behind a copy to at least give the appearance that he’s there. He generally justifies it by maintaining that establishing contacts with foreign worlds and species is good for diplomatic reasons, though his propensity for enjoying the intimate company of many of these is fairly well known.

Recently, Victor has learned how to enhance all of the various forms he can take on, some to dangerous extremes. As he studies maps of the world of Subcon, thoughts of growing the kingdom percolate in the back of his mind, though who knows if he’ll ever follow through with them. He knows that would likely bring him into conflict with the Subcon fairies, but it’s rumored he already has designs on taking away their power and establishing city-states in the other lands of Subcon. How true that is depends on who and what you believe, but there have been more airships built in the last few years than usual.

His personality is generally that of a relaxed, casual gentleman, though certainly with his own set of eccentricities. Make no mistake; he is eminently capable of the infamous koopa rage and other darker emotions — he’s just far less inclined to when compared to more famous “cousins”. Given his age of 90 plus years, he tends to regard others as “kids” but in a good natured way. He enjoys pipe smoking, though generally prefers a mix of dried catnip and tobacco, swimming, throwing Thwomps around or otherwise using his vast strength, and of course, eating. His favorite music type in this form tends to be classic rock, though is fairly open. Rumor has it he is a koopa opera fan, but said rumors are unconfirmed.


To answer the first question that so many people have when they hear about Victor hailing from Subcon: Yes, it exists. Yes, SMB2 said it was just a “dream world”, but when I took the angle that Victor should be a king, it became a way to let him be royalty and not interfere with the main “Marioverse”. Cheloneiros, the realm Victor rules over, is simply the Greek words for “turtle” and “dream” smashed together in a semi-pleasing way.

Being his normal self, Victor has the most selection of outfits while in this mode. I’ve listed him with his “classic” one. He may also switch to his royal robes while in his palace, workout wear, and other outfits as needed. Version five introduces a “wardrobifier”, which eliminates the need to custom tailor shirts and other clothing to such an exact degree.

I still don’t know if Victor can survive underwater and in space without breathing (as in early SMB games and in Galaxy) or if he needs air, though I’m leaning toward the latter, since other forms are built for those environments.

It’s very likely that time in Subcon flows differently and thus, Victor may be much older than the norm, but I haven’t decided if that’s really the case.

Version five introduced cleanups to the description and added more background info — originally I had a background file, but scrapped it and never got back to fixing the thing. This should at least put some of it straight. 5.1 is a general clean-up.


Royal Robes:

Victor’s kingly outfit consists of plush, burgundy robe wrapped tightly with a (metallic) gold sash. The large robe is parted neatly over his shell, and has your typical (or perhaps, stereotypical) fluffy white trim with some black spots placed every so often. A long purple cape with the same trim covers his back, draping down not an inch over the floor, and held by a set of turtle shell-shaped gold brooches with a gold chain between them on the koopa’s front. A large golden shell (viewed from overhead, oriented vertically), with silver trim, is prominently displayed on the upper back of the cape. As would be expected, a gold king’s crown is worn upon his head, custom fit to show his horns, and set with gemstones of various colors. A small set of gold-framed, oval-shaped glasses helps him see the world. Boots coming up to his shins much like his robes are fitted over his feet. He can often be seen carrying a gold scepter with a large emerald stone set on the end.

Workout Wear:

Up top, he wears a soft cotton grey sweatshirt. Printed over the chest in a weathered style is a (plain) greenkoopa shell. Curved around the top of said shell is the word “KOOPA” in the collegiate font, and “ATHLETIC DEPT.” printed underneath. “EST. 1985” is printed in a straight line in smaller text underneath.

Covering his legs down to his ankles he wears a lighter grey pair of cotton sweatpants, with solid dark green stripes running down the outside of the legs. There appear to be zippers at the ankles that go up to about three-quarters of a foot. A small patch adorns the left front side of his hip – a typical Starman, it would appear. They appear to be held tight with a drawstring.

On his feet he wears short white quarter length socks and a pair of white gym shoes accented with medium green in the heel and some yellow on the tongue, with white laces.

Only his wrists feature any sort of accessories at the moment – his left wrist has a green elastic terry cloth wristband with a 1-Up Mushroom with “1-UP” printed underneath, and his right wrist has a similar type of band, but yellow, with a Star with text below stating “High Score”. He wears no collar or ankle bands.

Underwear Only:

The koopa is only wearing a pair of medium blue boxer-briefs with the requisite adaptation to fit his tail (a thin elastic strap with two snap buttons). They seem to be made of cotton with a black elastic waistband that has white outlines of the Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Star power ups. The fabric fits snugly to his skin, reaching down to only about the middle of his thighs.


He is currently wearing nothing at all clothing wise, however, he doesn’t appear to have any obvious naughty bits present. Instead, like many reptiles, he has a slit of sorts that contains his privates. It runs horizontally as opposed to vertically as in most, nestled in between the ridges of his body ribbing. A thin strip of the ribbing that his chest has goes right through between his cheeks, but stops before his tail.


He is currently wearing nothing at all clothing wise, and his generously sized maleness is thusly exposed to the world, protruding forth from the genital slit that contained it previously. The slit itself is stretched wide as the thick length juts out, the black-skinned member initially coated in a layer of slimy, musky-smelling film. It’s somewhat leathery and bumpy in texture, featuring a pointed glans, and free of pubic hair. His testes are internally contained.

His tubby backside is fairly large as would be expected for someone of his size.