Tiger Koopa

Victor, now back as the original cat koopa.


  • Card Combination: (Foundation) + Super Bell/Lucky Bell + Power Flower
  • Height: 8′ 6″ (about 2.6 meters)
  • Weight: 1,986-2,203 lbs (about 900-1,000 kilograms)
  • Eyes: Amber
  • Horns: Cat Ear Shaped
  • Hair: n/a
  • Body Colors: Orange, White, Black
  • Shell: Orange with ten black cone spines (two columns of three, center column of four)
  • Breath Type: Roar (pressure wave)


While normally stripey, Victor has adopted a considerably fuzzier appearance. Standing at his usual height of eight and a half feet and weighing his usual ton or so, the old koopa has adopted a more pantherine look. He retains his burly build, arms, legs, and chest laden with thick, tough muscle, while his broad belly keeps its perennially rounded shape. In lieu of scales, a traditional palette of orange, white, and black fur covers most of him, save for that big slate-gray shell on his back. His traditional tail has become more tigrine as well, often seen twitching or otherwise expressing his mood.

His face & head, despite his changes, look relatively similar to his usual self. Reflective amber eyes with black pupils are the highlight of his face, paired with bushy, black eyebrows, though he now lacks additional hair. His ivory horns have reshaped themselves into resembling cat ears. Most of his face is orange, marked by black stripes, and some white around the eyes. His upper snout is mostly orange, while his lower snout favors white. The tips of two fangs poke out from the sides of his top snout lip. His vocal tone is deep and bassy as usual, often accompanied by a subtle rumble.

Moving on down to the rest of him, the tiger koopa seems rather similar in build to his usual girthy self. Said heavy build includes plenty of power in his arms, legs, and chest now covered in fine, thick fur. Curiously, his ribbed ventral scales remain in place, though match his tigrine color scheme. Said banded scales cover his big, round, beach ball-like belly. His testudine structure means his body is somewhat large in proportion to his limbs, though his usually stubby tail has become more feline. Black clawed hands and feet help the tiger-koopa climb even sheer walls. His huge, white-lipped, slate-gray carapace serves to compliment his massive size . Said shell is adorned with cone-shaped spines, ten in all, colored the same as his claws.


Victor has his usual array of abilities with a few changes:

  • Tiger Roar (Breath): Delivers a blast of concussive force equivalent to a punch.
  • Wall Climbing & Jumping.
  • Super jumps charge faster.
  • Slight speed upgrade.


Everything from normal rank, plus…

  • Base height increases by half a foot.
  • One tail spine added.
  • General ability upgrade.
  • Double jump.
  • Super Tiger Roar: Charge up to hit three times.


All Super Rank changes, plus…

  • Base height increases by another half foot.
  • One (more) tail spine added.
  • General ability upgrade.
  • Triple jump.
  • Ultra Tiger Roar: Hits five times. Last hit sets target on fire.


(None at the moment…might be an ex-boxing or MMA coach?)


Yes, everyone knows about Meowser (from New Super Mario Bros Wii U) and you might be fooled into believing this is a straight up copy. However, the original iteration of this form was completed in June 2005. However, I felt it didn’t match up with the item used for it (Super Leaf at the time), so it’s languished for quite a while.

Tiger roar breath weapon and some other inspiration is directly lifted from Sagat of Street Fighter fame.

Form of the month for December 2014.