“Theatre Mode.”
Like entering a medium sized movie theatre, the MAUR is currently rather dark. It’s lit only by minimal floor lighting and the large projected display in front most of the time, though there are some lamps on the side that can be turned on with the controls available. Several rows of seats, with different sizes to accomodate different body types, offer a comfortable viewing experience. The air has a slight scent of greasy popcorn to it.

Along the walls there are movie posters from eras gone by, most of them framed neatly. Those examining them further will find they’re all campy hypno-related flicks being advertised, many of them having women wandering about with glazed over eyes and pulp text (don’t worry, a few flyers for “Planet of the Hypno-Dommes!” and its sequels are around too). They’re good for a giggle or two, at least.

This theatre is an interesting one; while movies can be played of all types and ratings, it can also display what’s going on in the main room, though it lacks the ability to pick up on whispers and other private conversation. This allows for quite the voyeuristic experience. Of course, the theatre has some more…’utilitarian’ videos available for brainwashing entire crowds.