A great and terrible turtle-beast hailing from legends of old Europe, the tarasque is a chimeric creature combining lion, turtle, ox, bear, and scorpion elements. Victor’s version is not too far off the mark, given that koopas are already fairly tarasque-like.


  • Card Combo: (Foundation) + Smash Ball + Power Flower
  • Height: 9′ 3″ (about 2.82 meters)
  • Weight: 2,650-2,800 lbs (about 1,202-1,270 kilograms)
  • Eyes: Amber
  • Horns: Ridged double set
  • Hair: Black
  • Body: Rust Brown, Banana Pudding Yellow
  • Breath weapon: Variable
  • Shell: Avocado green with center ridge and six cone spines (2 columns of 3), diamond pattern
  • Notes: Invulnerable and indestructable.


As if he wasn’t already a mash-up of enough species already, Victor’s current form has added even more foreign DNA to the mix by borrowing from a little-known creature of myth and legend: the tarasque. Now taller by about three-quarters of a foot (putting him at nine feet and change should he bother to stand straight), he appears even more massive than usual. Gone is the usual calm demeanor; his face is usually sporting a much more sinister grin. He’s undergone several changes, likely the most notable being the extra pair of beefy arms he sports, and the spikey black hair atop his head. His usual orange & bronze body scales seem darker, as does his honey ventral scutes, and he’s bigger all around — going from “large pick-up truck” size to “dump truck” size, as it were.

His eyes remain their usual amber coloration, and tend to fix an intent stare on people. A dual pair of horns appears on his head, the front set appearing segmented and pointing mostly straight up with a slight curve to the rear, while the rear pair curves around his head. Surrounding that hair is a shaved mane of black, though the front is shaped into a punkish forward spikey style. His usual fangs that jut out of his top lip have lengthened, now reaching his chin, and his maw has several nasty looking teeth concealed within. His voice often projects a “come get some” attitude, and given his size and strength, it’s easily backed up.

Continuing the inspection down his wide body, his big frame makes him seem as big around as he is tall; the four powerful, muscle-laden arms connected to a double set of thick chest muscles see to that. His forearms and hands are tigrine; showing off blazing orange fur with ebon stripes, with tiger-like pawhands and feet. Thick pentagonal scutes on the outside of his forearms and shins break up that fuzz. His girthy gut remains heavy and full, and from appearances he’s fond of stuffing it often. On the opposite side of that gut is his mighty shell, now tiled a vibrant shade of avocado green and sporting a series of fins down the center, along with the usual conical spines along the sides; curiously, the usual hexagonal pattern of shell tiles is now replaced with a diamond pattern. His tail has become longer and serpentine, sporting a stinger at the end. Stout, strong legs get this behemoth where he wants to go, his shin and calf areas fuzzy like his arms. The large, clawed feet at the end of them look like they’re made to crush those who upset this towering menace.

He wears nothing above the waist, not bothering to even try to cover up his massive upper body. Black wrestling tights serve as this monster’s pants, along with a pair of red boots. On his wrists he wears black wristbands with red striping. A silver colored ring adorns his right hand.

Accessory-wise, he doesn’t wear much except for the stretch-fit wristbands that cover a good amount of his thick forearms. They’re black, with thin red striping criss-crossing over their surface.


  • Absorption: He doesn’t have his own breath weapon by default, but can absorb via contact about any power that might be directed his way, or by touching items that have them.
    • Breath Weapon: Victor can use a related breath weapon (flame for fire, freezing breath for ice, lightning for lightning) once absorbed.
  • Power Stomp: As normal, but stronger and affecting a greater range.
  • Super Strength: Gets even more powerful than normal.
  • Super Durability: As with the tarasque of legend, he is practically invincible. If something does manage to harm him, he will regenerate within seconds.
  • Tail stinger is decidedly poisonous, usually administering a potent intoxicating agent.
  • Fury Mode: You don’t want to unleash this.
  • Certain types of music may make him drowsy.


All the fun of normal rank, plus…

  • Base height increases by one foot.
  • One tail spine added.
  • Absorption now can be done to people with said powers, temporarily robbing them.
  • General ability upgrade.
  • Increased fury chance.


All Super Rank changes, plus…

  • Base height increases by one (more) foot.
  • One (more) tail spine added.
  • Absorption now permanent (if desired).
  • General ability upgrade.
  • Greatly increased fury chance.


After absorbing powers, his coloration and even outfit will change appropriately to match that theme (eg: water turns his boots, eyes, hair, and other features blue).


Short-tempered, ruthless, and brutal — that’s this form. And what better place to use it than in a wrestling ring? Victor in tarasque form is an infamous ‘heel’ character (read: bad guy) — and he likes it that way. Being practically invincible, having super strength, and healing in seconds from any errant injury he does actually get (fairly rare) has made the career a good outlet for his aggressive tendencies, and those talents let him particpate in some death-defying stunts. He does have to be careful not to go into DEATH RAGE ENGAGED mode, though.

Outside the ring, the tarasque is generally pretty lazy, but usually itching to perform given enough time.


I’ve been wanting to write this form for a while now, but I’ve been far too lazy about it. I know some folks get all “oh noes, multi-arms”, but eh. I wanted to stay somewhat true to the original design, though I’m sure some of the D&D variant (the “tarrasque”) slipped in there as well.

The Smash Ball is from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where getting one lets a character do some super-powered move after breaking it. Of course, ol’ red head’s power up is to turn into a Giga Bowser, and this is my answer to it.

This form was all new for version 4, and the first original one I’ve written for it. The idea to make him a pro wrestler came later after the first draft; I thought he’d just be a “RARRGH CRUSH KILL DESTROY” form, but those tend not to be very useful.

Heavily revised for October 2014’s form of the month.