Sylphie’s Shop

“Sylphie’s Shop. Piercing, tattoos, shaving, and other body modifications.”
Some people enjoy a change in outfits to show off their personality, and others like marking themselves (or being marked by others) to show their personality off. Sylphie’s shop is just the place for that. Your one stop shop for shaving, tattoos, piercing, and other body mods, Sylphie’s does it all. A few steps above your average shop appearance-wise, the place is done in dark grey tones on slightly lighter tile on the floor throughout, and smells faintly of alcohol (the rubbing kind, and perhaps some of the drinking kind too). While Sylphie’s carries a small line of adult toys and leather accessories, the primary focus is on the body mod; specifically, the three services mentioned above.

Going into the back, there’s three back rooms, each devoted to one of the services. Common to all of them are various chairs and tables, some with heavy duty restraints. First is the shaving room, with an array of trimming devices, lotions, and lathers all available on a few shelves. Second is the piercing room, featuring a few old catalogs of different earrings and the like, along with some piercing needles in sterile solution, and other paraphenalia. Third, the tattooing room, has a bit more elaborate machinery, as well as catalogs with some sample designs.

Sylphie’s has a staff of specialists for each of it’s main services, or you’re allowed to use the equipment yourself (using it on yourself is not advised, though). The store also carries some items of interest to the MC/H crowd, like microsonic pulse-emitting earrings for example. Those of the magical persuasion may try tattooing binding runes on their slaves. Of course, Sylphie’s offers a couple spare playrooms for those wishing to enjoy their new ‘features’.