Swamp Koopa

All those Pirahna Plants had to come from somewhere, didn’t they? A bit more primitive than his usual self, Victor makes liberal use of the various vegetation that’s appeared in the games for his own ends.


  • Card Combination: (Foundation) + Frog Suit + Piranha Plant
  • Height: 8′ 6″ (about 2.6 meters)
  • Weight: 1,986-2,203 lbs (about 900-1,000 kilograms)
  • Eyes: Dark Amber
  • Horns: Standard
  • Hair: Black
  • Body Colors: Green, brown
  • Shell: Dark Brown with five cone spines (plus formation)
  • Breath Type: Slime Seed


Finding turtles in marshlands is a fairly common, though finding koopas in such is surprisingly rare, oddly enough. Not so for Victor in his current state; the mottled greens of his body and the muddy brown of his banded ventral scales the first indication of this. He’s still at his usual height of eight and a half feet and retains his considerable girth. His shell has taken on a tree-bark like color and texture. His scales also seem to be rougher overall, appearing bumpier and more textured than his regular self. Vaguely vine-shaped stripes covering the entirety of his arms and legs, as well as almost barely noticeable striping on the top of his tail.

He retains those big cat-like eyes in this form, though they look darker. Thick black eyebrows match the long, curly black hair that grows between two devil-like, yellowed ivory horns; said horns are a little bigger than usual. His face is a dark green, while his bulbous (yet longer) snout is a somewhat lighter shade than his bellyscales. A pair of fangs poke out from his top snout lip. His voice maintains its usual deep, gravelly baritone, though has an almost predatory undertone at times.

The old turtle carries a lot of weight on his sizable self, made apparent just by him walking about. As you’d expect out of the species, he’s got plenty of power stuffed into his frame in the form of a bulging chest, thickly muscled arms, and outsized legs. His infamous belly is present, ready to bump against those he’s saying hello to. His girthy body remains a little large in proportion to his limbs, which includes a bumpy-textured (almost crocodilian) tail with some striping across the top near the base (though said tail seems to have gotten a little longer). His other limbs feature yellowed claws on the end of the thick digits. His ever present shell, its “tiles” now featuring a rough, tree bark-like texture, is now a dark shade of brown, and features five traditional cone-shaped spines in a plus formation.

Up top, he is currently wearing an olive green sleeveless vest with three large tortoise colored buttons holding it together in the middle. In the back, the vest has been altered so it fits between his back and shell. It has a diamond stitch quilted pattern to it, and features two small pockets on the front. It seems to be made of heavy cotton.

The vest’s lower edges drape over a pair of dark tan colored, nylon cargo pants that have seen better days. A similarly ragged black belt threads through what belt loops are still intact, simply tied into a knot. For shoes, the koopa wears a pair of well-worn brown moccasins that barely muffle his heavy steps, and goes sockless.  He doesn’t have his usual spectacles, though he seems to get along without them just fine.

On his left wrist, he wears several simple hemp rope bracelets criss-crossed over each other haphazardly with assorted tumbled gems within. There’s small samples of tiger eye quartz, unpolished jasper, lapis lazuli, sunstone, and petrified wood interwoven in the bands. His right wrist has a thicker band, this one set with large, smoothed Pirahna Plant thorns.

Around his neck he wears a braided brown leather necklace, set with a few tiger eye beads and a few small Piranha Plant thorns.


In this form, Victor’s powers change a fair amount, though he retains most of his base abilities. Some changes include include:

  • Seed Breath: Victor spits out a glob of material with seeds mixed in. These are used with his plant manipulation power below.
  • Swamp Stomp: Mostly like the power stomp, though with the added water element.
  • Plant Manipulation: He can grow the seeds from his breath rapidly and control their behavior. See the background section for more.
  • Poison Resistance: Natural poisons are ineffective against him.
  • Regeneration: He has the capacity to quickly heal from almost any injury.

He also gains the following skills:

  • Knowledge of the plants he can create & control
  • Swamp survival


At Super Rank, the following changes occur:

  • Upgrades of existing powers
  • Can now control any plants around him (but can only spawn ones of his own)


At Ultra Rank, Victor gets more upgrades:

  • Further upgrades of existing powers
  • Plant Elementalism: Can become or blend in to existing plants


Many turtle species live in swamps and other wetlands, and the swamp koopa is just one of them. In this case, Victor’s a rather special one, possessing the ability to produce and rapidly grow several types of flora native to the Mario series. Pirahna Plants, Fuzzies (the Yoshi’s Island variant that makes Yoshi dizzy when touched), and Lava Lotus’ are his preferred ones, though he can also grow and control simpler vines, fruit bearing plants, and the like. Generally he has to have line of sight with the plant he wishes to either alter or command. Because of their accelerated growth, they tend to die within an hour or two. Average sized plants can be grown out of the globs he spits, while larger and more complicated plants will need soil, and they take more time and energy to create.

In this form, Victor leans toward music for reeds and other woodwinds.


While most of my other forms come in flashes of creativity and I’ll fill in the details later (I’ll typically get from 75 to 95% of a form’s features), this one was a lot rougher. I think I got 20% at best, the only real idea I had to start with was “it’d be cool to control some Pirahna Plants”. It still got stuck in my brain to finish it though.

The outfit was especially problematic. It was seemingly impossible to pick out something that wasn’t boring or overkill. I looked at things as far and wide as World of Warcraft druids, to Incan, Mayan, and Aztec cultures, to who knows what else. I considered koopa shells, bamboo, and a lot of other plant based things. In the end, I used a slightly updated form of the first outfit I ever made for Victor. To those of you who suggested loin cloths or ‘nothing’, the answer is (still) NO.

The personality traits for him are still in need in fine tuning as of this writing, but taken to their extremes, they’re me at my worst. At the same time, at the right levels, it seems like something that’s very attractive. I’ll see how it turns out. I didn’t want him to be a copy of the Freezie form in terms of personality, though there are some leanings to glean some elements from it.

Form of the month for May 2014.