“Stage Mode.”
For those who enjoy performing for others, this MAUR’s current mode is perfect. Setup as a large stage, it allows budding (and not so budding) performers to put on shows ranging from plays, to magic shows, to comedy, to an erotic cabaret. It’s a large stage, with plenty of room for performers, though the audience area is fairly small — cameras that feed video and audio to the main room substitute for this. Electronic controls on the side allow for a variety of stage effects, such as manipulating curtains and controlling the lighting.

The outline of the stage is done in a light stained wood, likely oak, and carved with intricate leafwork on the corners. Plush red drapes frame the sides, tied with thick, braided, yellow ropes. The walls otherwise are plain old drywall, painted a dark grey. The floor is a black and white tile, arranged in various patterns. The air smells clean, though perhaps with the twinge of mineral oil.

The stage usually has a polished hardwood surface, and a short runway can be added to the center to extend it if needed. Lights mounted overhead keep the stage bright and the performers highlighted, and colored lights can be used if desired. A piano sits in the back, along with other boxed up instruments and props. Cameras and microphones are positioned in strategic locations so that those in the main room, if the devices are turned on, can watch the show being put on, though tables and chairs of various shapes and sizes are present for those who like the ‘live studio audience’ experience.