“Sorcerology. Medieval style room for scenes involving magic and mysticism.”
It looks like someone’s switched the MAUR over to the “Sorcerology” mode! Set in a high stone tower surrounded by a forest, this place looks like it was pulled out of some B-rated medieval fantasy movie. Sporting both materials for magic (such as potions, bubbling things, and a wall completely dominated by glass jars filled with various regents) and crude science (such as buzzing electrical things, assorted prodding tools, and cages), it appears to be a laboratory for trying to combine the mystic arts with more mundane things. Cabinets filled with all manner of items are everywhere, neatly labeled for the benefit of those working here. The floor is carpeted dark green, though it’s been worn down over the years, stained black in the more commonly travelled areas. The air smells of odd, and often pungent things. The controls for the room, mounted near the door, have been neatly hidden under a green cloth.

The tower offers some other interesting amenities. The furniture is the first to be noticed, with some large, black cushioned chairs sporting heavy shackles for the more unruly test subject. There’s also tables done in the same format available, with several ‘trap doors’ mounted in rather…strategic locations. On the far wall from the entrance, there’s a series of pulleys and hand cranks that can be used to either open or close the wooden roof overhead, and raise a lightning rod to capture electricity. Several rows of elaborate glasswork (for the period!) as well as a cauldron or two allow one to mix up potions and the like. Quills and ink wells along with parchment allow the budding sorcerologist to write out a spell scroll, or simply their findings.

One of the nice things about a simulated environment is that the laws of physics and reality don’t have to apply to even to the most inept student of the magical arts. The controls for the room, mounted near the door, have been neatly hidden under a green cloth, and can be used to simulate a wide variety of spell effects, or simply provide help when needed. Be warned that causing the tower to explode or sustain too much damage may result in the room being reset, however.