Solar Koopa-Naga

A solar based form, Victor turns rather serpentine when using this combo. Mixing in some Triclyde, Victor becomes a rather naga-esque creature.


  • Card Combination: (Meta) + Star + Shine Sprite
  • Height (Waist up): 6.5 feet
  • Length (Tail): Approximately 18 feet (about 5.5 meters)
  • Weight: Approximately 2.5 tons
  • Eyes: Red (snake heads), Blue (Main head)
  • Horns: Curl
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Body: Gold, Cream
  • Shell: Red tiles, dome spines (3 columns of 3) on main shell
  • Breath weapon: Fire orbs (snake heads), Light blast (main head)


No ordinary koopa now, Victor has gone a rather radical alteration in many respects. First, his usual orange & bronze body color is now a vibrant gold. Second, his legs have been replaced by a long, thick snake-like tail. Third, instead of a single head, he has three – the center one being most like his regular self, the other two flanking either side decidedly more serpentine. The look makes him take on the appearance of a koopa blended with a tricylde, a fire-spitting three-headed serpent. That’s certainly not all though; the tigrine striping markings on his arms have changed to sunburst patterns (as well as a streak that runs down the top of his tail), his shell has turned a bright crimson, and there’s a second, smaller shell beneath it.

Looking at his heads, the two serpentine ones are sheathed in gold scales with red, slitted eyes, usually resting over his chest or shoulder. In the middle a much more koopish head resides, the facial scales a dark copper color. This one’s eyes are a deep sapphire blue in contrast to the others. His eyebrows have gone blonde, matching the wavy, medium length hair atop his head. His horns are curious; they jut out of his head as usual, but form a tight circle before pointing back. A pair of sharp fangs peek out from his upper lip of his large, yellow colored snout, though he usually has various symbols painted in red, yellow, and orange on his cheeks. When he speaks, he does so with an unusual dreamy or echoing tone.

As usual, Victor is quite a girthy fellow, at least up top. The koopa-naga sports heavily muscled arms and chest, along with his customary big round middle. Various solar symbols are usually found painted on him in bright hues of red, orange, and yellow. The cream-colored ribbing on his front doesn’t stop at its usual place, instead continuing down the length of that tail, the thicker scales protecting him against the ground as he slithers about. His arms are also longer looking, with longer fingers. His primary and larger shell has its traditional white border, with ruby-red tiles, and smooth ivory domes in place of the usual spines. A smaller shell, about one quarter the size of his primary and positioned underneath his main one, features no such decor, though matches the colors of the larger.

Over his body, he doesn’t wear anything, only having a long scarf-like piece that typically drapes over his shoulders and front. It has two large copper beads at either end for weight. The garment itself is mostly blue, with cream colored ends. Over the body of the scarf are elaborate depictions of solar symbols and stars in gold and white print.

Around his waist and lower regions he wears a dark purple wrap-around cloth covered by a decorative metal covering, the centerpiece of which is a large burnished gold disc with many concentric rings within, and polished rubies placed elsewhere.

For accessories, he wears cloth bands with solar symbols on them, a gold choker, and a set of feathers banded about on his tail. He usually carries a small leather bag with him as well.

On his wrists he wears long bands of heavy cloth-like material with some white ‘fuzz’ at either end, secured by two black leather straps on each. The bands have large sun symbols adorning them against a light blue background. The leather straps are held tight with single pin, gold colored buckles.

For a collar, he wears a golden choker, set with cut and polished rubies all around the band. The choker itself appears smooth and rounded, the metal polished to a radiant shine. Secured around the end of his tail is a collection of various colored and styled feathers set into a wide black band. A silver colored ring adorns his right hand.

He also carries with him several small vials, filled with brightly colored red, orange, and yellow substances. These are held in a small dark brown leather bag carried with him.


Victor’s abilities change quite a bit in this form. He cannot perform many of his standard abilities such as the shell spin and power stomp, but he does gain new ones:

  • Fire orb breath – The two snake heads breathe fire orbs, which act a little differently than Victor’s standard fireballs. They exhibit less firepower and size than his standard, but are a little more versatile, having more options in their speed and direction. Also, double the heads means double the projectiles.
  • Light breath – His center head emits light of varying intensity. This can be decidedly deadly to undead or shadow types.
  • Hypnotic gaze – As you might expect.
  • Heat radiation – Unlike other scales, he radiates heat as desired (though nothing dangerous in most cases). This makes him much less susceptible to cold.
  • Rebirth – He has a habit of not staying dead, even less so than Victor’s usual self. Still, not an attribute he enjoys using.


Everything from normal rank, plus:

  • General ability upgrade.
  • Fireballs can now explode.
  • Light beam can now chain through stationary fireballs to redirect (though it causes the fireballs to explode), much like the Skymine launcher in Unreal Tournament.


Everything from super rank, plus:

  • General ability upgrade.
  • Detonating fireballs with solar beam now causes a brief gravitational pull.
  • Solar elemental form


An avatar of the sun (perhaps in his own mind), he was originally an oracle of some kind. He tends to be more active during the summer. Lucky him that he’s solar powered — feeding something of his size would require a dedicated staff. Personality wise, he’s usually pretty out there most of the time, but there’s some element of “Sol Invictus” (the Unconquered Sun) to him as well.

He is often in a trance of his own, though he retains the ability to think at some level (it’s more an ecstatic state than anything). Inducing others to enter the same state is a big draw for him, though his ‘victims’ have less say about what they get to think.

His main weakness is that he is dependent on sunlight — if deprived of it for too long he’ll lapse into torpor.

His favorite music type in this form is uncertain, but ambient trance would likely work.


I’ve had this form for a while and revised it a few times, but it never seemed to come out quite right. Mostly it felt overloaded. The original idea was that of a magikoopa-naga hybrid. I felt there was too many ingredients in there, so I simplified it somewhat, emphasizing the solar elements more and took out the magikoopa part for use elsewhere. Also, it occurred to me that Triclyde gets no love, and making use of that element would add more “Super Marioishness” to it.

The Shine Sprite originally comes from Super Mario Sunshine as a collectible object, and has shown up in many games since, including many of the RPG games (such as Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door).

It took me a little while to get his ‘job’ right — I ended up looking over a Final Fantasy Wiki for ideas. I used to have him speak in in an old English style (thees and thous) for some reason, but that’s been dropped.

Form of the month for June 2015.