Rosso Chapel

“The Rosso Chapel. Now with 300% more cult worship and perverted religious symbolism.”
While many forms of mind control and hypnosis tend to involve swinging objects, spells, or other exotic devices, the sort of control exhibited by a charismatic religious figure is of a somewhat different nature. The trappings of a church of some design are all around — a raised platform, a large pulpit with microphone, a pipe organ, an altar, and rows of pews. The walls are a faux creekstone, and long red banners of cloth hang from either side, embroidered with patterns of gold thread. The floor is flat-carpeted with large squares of a darker shade of red and charcoal grey to create a checkered pattern. The air is often scented with incense.

The raised area is clearly the focal point of the chapel. The wide, semi-circular area is a little more brightly lit than the rest of the chapel, a subtle hint to keep the eyes focused there. The large altar has a white cover on top, then has a scarlet strip laid over top of that running horizontally, the ends tied off with golden tassels. Also on the altar are a variety of candles of different lengths. Moving to the pulpit, it’s a simpler affair, made from wood, but fairly wide. A step-stool can be used to increase the apparent height of the speaker, and a microphone broadcasts the voice of the speaker to the gathered.

Speaking of those gathered, they can often be observed to sway in time, especially during the musical portions of the service, unaware of the subtle instructions being fed into their minds. At least the light colored wooden pews and pull down kneeling bars are padded with red cushions for some element of comfort. Plastic songbook holders have been mounted on the backs of the pews for storage.