Not to be confused with the koopa paratroopa, this form adds a rare element of flight to Victor’s repertoire, along with a few other tricks.


  • Card Combination: (Foundation) + Wing Shell + (Augmentation) [see notes for compatible items]
  • Height: 8′ 6″ (about 2.6 meters)
  • Weight: 1,686-1,886 lbs (about 765-856 kilograms)
  • Eyes: Amber
  • Horns: Ridges
  • Hair: Black
  • Body Colors: Orange-bronze, Honey
  • Shell: Medium blue with large feather wings
  • Breath Type: Wind
  • Notes: Lighter, can fly, faster.


The heavy beat of a massive pair of feathered wings is probably the first thing that gets noticed about Victor in this state. Still eight and a half feet high, the koopa has changed a fair bit in becoming a parakoopa. He has a somewhat sleeker, more aerodynamic look, losing a portion of that big belly he’s fond of, though keeping a very muscled frame. His colors seem largely the same, excluding the medium blue shell upon his back now. His scales have gotten finer, having a slightly glossy sheen. The stripes on his arms and legs has subtly turned a shade of midnight blue. He smells of a spring breeze along with his other basic scents.

His head is a bit different from his normal self. His snout is a little beak-like now, or at least the top of it is. His horns have become more ovoid-like ridges. He retains the same eyes, still tigrine-like and amber, though his black eyebrows have become more streamlined. His black hair is a little longer, and almost always windswept back. His face is a dark bronze, while his snout is a light butter yellow, the top of it looking somewhat pointed. A pair of fangs poke out from his top snout lip. When he speaks, his voice is usually around a mid-tenor, although he tends to talk fast.

While the koopa certainly has a fairly large profile, he looks sleek and aerodynamic to a degree (at least, as much as a flying turtle can). Partly helping that is the increased sheen on his scales, and body fat reduction. Being testudine, his body is a little large in proportion to his limbs, though his striped tail has gotten somewhat longer and thinner. His hands and feet seem to have changed up, sporting talon-like claws now and longer digits. His white-lipped carapace, which is a little flatter, has none of the typical spines on it, but of course, does feature the huge white wings that can often be seen holding him aloft.

Over his wrists he wears a pair of 8 inch long nylon black wristbands, the left one concealing a watch underneath. Similar anklebands are present as well. He still wears a traditional koopa collar though around his neck, studded with stainless steel cones.

The koopa appears to be wearing a police/military uniform of sorts. Depending on circumstances, he’ll either have on a pair of a pair of goggle-glasses held in place by a black elastic strap paired with a headset, or he’ll be wearing a regular set of black, semi-rimless glasses. Up next is a black tactical vest with a few pockets and gear stowed within; it goes down to his waist, and is held in place by a strap system that cinches around between where his shell meets his body. It’s otherwise pretty form fitting, and from the thickness, shows that it has armor of some kind built in. There’s a half-zip and a couple of buckles on the front that keeps it on as well. There’s a pull tab on the upper right of the vest that lets him show off his identification, and a patch bearing a red star is present as well.

Continuing further, the parakoopa wears a pair of OD green canvas service pants, similarily equipped with an array of pockets and the like. These are held fast by a black nylon belt. Over his feet, he wears a pair of black service boots. A silver colored ring adorns his right hand.


Victor’s abilities change quite a bit in this form. He cannot perform a shell spin and his power stomp is severely reduced in effectiveness. He does gain new ones:

  • Wind Breath – Either used to cause short ranged tornadoes (super rank and above only) or to blow powerful “balls” of compressed air at a target. Though perhaps not directly damaging as much as his other breath types, it can be used to knock a target back, or it can be used to propel an object into a target. It’s especially good at disrupting other flyers, for obvious reasons.
  • Flight – Most obvious ability, being given wings and all.
  • Enhanced Speed – He’s much more nimble in this form, though more notably in the air.
  • Shell hide > Shell Dive – By flying, hiding in his shell and dive bombing a target, he can do considerable damage and cause a brief quake on impact. (think of the cape dive maneuver from Super Mario World).


  • Base height increases by half a foot.
  • One tail spine added.
  • General ability upgrade.
  • Wind Stomp: Power stomp produces an intense blast of wind.


  • Base height increases by another half a foot.
  • One more tail spine added.
  • General ability upgrade.
  • Wind elemental.



The P-Wing allows unlimited flight time (outside of normal physiological needs like sleep, food, water, etc.), and is suited for cruising. Super rank adds another pair of (smaller) wings, and Ultra rank adds yet another. Maximum speed is in the low supersonic range.


The Super Blue shell causes Victor’s shell to turn darker blue, adds a line of cone spines down the and restores his usual form’s body shape and weight. This is the slowest of the Wing Shell variants, and cannot be used for sustained flight. However, it is easily the most destructive, granting the exploding shell dive ability. Super & Ultra ranks improve the blast power & radius as well as general speed improvements.


Victor’s wings do not appear by default with this augmentation, and he can’t truly fly with this mode. Instead, Victor “boosts” in whatever direction desired, and a sort of golden energy wings sprout to help him glide when needed. Super & Ultra ranks increase the number, duration, and power of these boosts, with normal allowing 5, Super 9, and Ultra 12.


Former police captain in a high speed aerial pursuit group (think SWAT for the skies), though much of the memories of protocol and the like haven’t transferred. He doesn’t actively pursue the job as Victor, but the uniform (such as it is) still transfers.

He likes flying and will spend plenty of time out in the open performing acrobatic stunts and the like, simply enjoying the airborne freedom. He’ll also train to stretch out how long he can use his super speed as well. He is a little less strong and durable (excluding his shell) in this form than his usual self though as a result of loss of weight.

Instead of the usual pipe Victor likes, this form finds him smoking cigars instead. He also finds confined spaces restrictive, bordering on being claustrophobic.

His favorite music type in this form is non-specific, but faster pieces will tend to get his attention.


Yes, yes, I know the two of you reading this might be thinking there’s never been a wing shell item (other than the super blue shell of Super Mario Kart 64, which this isn’t). Truth is, you’re right. This is really based on the Wing Hat from Super Mario 64, though I thought the hat would be better rendered as a shell for Victor (as are all hat-based items).

One thing I haven’t perfected yet is his overall temparament; although I thought he’d turn out to be sort of arrogant given his speedster nature, but this hasn’t been the case. That felt a little cliche. He does tend to use more contractions and speak faster though. I think Sgt. Flutter from Super Mario RPG is also sort of a model for him.

Not sure where the whole police thing came from; it’s very possible this rubbed off from a certain lion playing one (though Victor isn’t from the same division or anything like that, of course).

To answer one question folks likely have: no, he does not lose his wings if he’s stomped on.

Form of the month for February 2014.