Painter Koopa

Let me paint you a picture (that you will subsequently be trapped in).


  • Card Combination: (Foundation) + Hammer Suit + Magic Paintbrush
  • Height: 8′ 6″ (about 2.6 meters)
  • Weight: 1,986-2,203 lbs (about 900-1,000 kilograms)
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Horns: Standard
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Body Colors: Orange-brass, Maple syrup
  • Shell: Forest Green (Normal Rank), Brick Red (Super Rank), Midnight Blue (Ultra Rank), 5 spines in an X formation
  • Breath Type: Paint


Sporting his usual eight and change burly build, Victor seems much the same as his usual self, though on closer examination, some differences make themselves known. His usual black hair and eyebrows turning a dark shade of brown rather than his usual black is a good first start, and the color of his body scales has subtly changed from a mix of orange and bronze to orange and brass. A darker ventral side, the shade of maple syrup, colors his thick ribbed scales that house his hefty chest and girthy gut. His stripes remain the same, black markings on his big arms, legs, and outer body.

His eyes retain a reflective quality, though now are hazel, flecked with subtle gradations of blue, brown, and green within. They feature the same black pupils as usual. His curly hair, now a dark brown, is a little thicker and longer than his usual. Matching these are his bushy eyebrows. His horns remain the same; “devil” shaped and ivory in color. His face is a dark brass, while his bulbous snout is a light butter yellow. The tips of two fangs poke out from the sides of his top snout lip. His chin is rounded, and his wide neck is short. When he speaks, his voice is fittingly deep, though carries a slight hint of dismissiveness.

The one ton of dragon turtle is as formidable as ever, his swollen arms, chest, and legs leaving no doubt as to his vast strength. His big, wide, round belly, a point of pride for any koopa worth their shell, is as present as ever. A closer examination of his body scales revels a glossier sheen to his scales that leave them feeling a bit slick, likely an adaptation to make his paint less able to stick to himself. His testudine nature means his body is somewhat large in proportion to his limbs, which includes a stubby tail that features more black stripes across its top. His fingers and toes feature claws on the end of each of their respective thick digits. His shell, still as large as ever, has taken on a smooth texture – no tile lines to be seen. It’s color has subtly deepened to a forest green. Only five spines, shaped in an X formation, jut out from that smooth surface.

Victor’s outfit has a slacker meets business casual sort of look; up top, he’s wearing a short sleeve button down shirt, usually favoring a “mint” color, or at least something offsetting his shell color at the given moment. It’s usually wrinkly and unpressed, the shirt tail often hanging out, and the top few buttons left open to show an undershirt. He’ll often be sporting a (probably gaudy, likely striped) tie, tied loosely. Below the waist, he wears a pair of (often tan) belted, cotton cargo pants. A pair of slip on black or grey canvas shoes with thick rubber soles adorn his feet.

Forgoing the usual leather collar and bands, he instead wears a set of tough (and brightly colored) silicone rubber belt-bands, often in clashing color combinations. A pair of yellow-lensed, frameless glasses with white temples help him see. A set of corded transducer headphones, usually a bright neon yellow or candy apple red, let him listen to music while he works. Two rather conspicuous other “accessories” are almost always on his person: The first is a large, rectangular canvas bag. It’s usually filled with small squeeze tubes of different colors for his paint, small brushes, various tools, and energy drinks of some kind (his favorite apparently “Super Blue Shell” from what’s usually in there). The other accessory, is a curious, large (at least six feet long), brown (and paint stained) case, with three rods jutting out of one end. A silver colored ring adorns his right hand.


As a pictomancer, Victor’s powers focus on making use of his paint and painting skills.

  • Paint Breath: Victor (with proper nutrition) can generate a gallon in seven minutes of “paint” at his usual consistency. He can store up to three gallons (internally) at a time. This paint is pure white, which is why Victor carries a bag with tints to add to it in order to create colors. Some of the applications include:
    • Regular paint properties: This substance can be used like many other fluids, though given the time it takes to make larger quantities, it can be impractical for “direct” use. Still, it can gum up machinery, cause slippery puddles, and so on.
    • Paint Constructs: Given enough surface area and paint, Victor can paint an object into being and pull it out from the “canvas” when done, and control it at will. More detail makes it work better.
    • Painting Existing Objects: This can be done in a couple different ways; either by painting on something directly, or by creating a construct, pulling it out, and forcing the target object inside it. In the case of living things, this can cause a rather intense transformation experience.
    • World Portraits: Those Super Mario 64 paintings didn’t make themselves. Though this takes considerable time and focus (and probably a few Power Stars), making entire micro-worlds is doable.
  • Paintbrushes: Carried in the large case are his three main tools: a traditional round brush, an airbrush, and a roller. Smaller brushes for detail work are carried in his shoulder bag.
  • Paint Spin: Shell spins can be enhanced by throwing out some paint.


All base abilities, plus…

  • Base height increases by half a foot.
  • Tail spine added.
  • Paint breath now increases to one gallon per five minutes, and five gallons of storage.
  • Painting speed and skill increases.
  • Shell color becomes a brick red.
  • Color can be applied solely via brush.


All super rank features, plus…

  • Base height increases another half a foot.
  • Second tail spine added.
  • Paint breath now increases to one gallon per three minutes, and seven gallons of storage.
  • Painting speed and skill increases.
  • Shell color becomes a midnight blue.
  • Color can be applied via touch.


Koopas and paintbrushes seem like a slightly odd combination, but it isn’t without precedent (some say a painter koopa was responsible for the multi-colored container boxes in Super Mario World). Though past demonstrations have been rather…crude, in the right hands these brushes are much more…artful.

While other brushes make their own paint, older painter koopas may prefer a more “traditionalist” approach of making their own. This seems to make it considerably more potent. Of course, Victor doesn’t limit himself to brushes, and “Thwomp Art” has been on his menu lately.

The brush needs a surface to paint on, though practically any will do. The paint is weak against water and is easily washed off. It also requires a considerable amount of focus and will poured into it, but when motivated, that’s no problem.

What’s playing on those headphones? He’ll give some obscure answer about every time, though it often involves podcasts that he finds incredibly stupid as some sort of rage motivation.


This form started life long ago as the Mini Mushroom, and had a more active Victor in mind. It didn’t get a whole lot of use, likely due to inevitable comparisons to a certain redhead’s son. Re-engineering it for the Version 5 era gave it a more mature feeling, while emphasizing some lackadaisical personality aspects.

The Hammer Suit is from Super Mario Brothers 3, and has been used elsewhere as a weapons sort of template. The Magic Paintbrush, seen in Super Mario Sunshine, became a usable item in Mario Kart Arcade GP.

Form of the month for July 2015.