Normal Mode

“Normal mode.”
This MAUR is currently similar in decor to the main room, though possessing fewer of its features and only about three-quarters as deep. Brick walls are still the norm, and the floor is still done in black stained, finished concrete. The furniture is also alike, featuring chairs and couches of varying design to accomodate a wide variety of species, though there’s fewer of them. Dark shades of wood and frosted glass make up tables and a smaller bar area. This means brick walls, black stained concrete floor, similar furniture, and so on. The bar is far smaller, as is the opposing stage area.

Other than the different room size, the other major difference is the presence of some controls and some other electronic equipment. This includes a large video screen that displays a view of the main room when turned on. The more perceptive may pick up on various recording equipment surreptitiously placed about as well. Speakers are also present, small and unintrusive, that suggest either a use for the smaller stage, or perhaps listening in on the main room.

The MAUR in this mode seems just like an extension of the main room, but the controls seem to warrant looking at. With the odd machinery present, this place is likely not all it seems.