Mountain Koopa

This card turns Victor into an earth-element based ‘mountain koopa’, continuing a trend of region-specific adaptations.


  • Card Combination: (Meta) + Stone Shell / Rock Mushroom + POW Block
  • Height: 9′ 9″ (about 2.97 meters)
  • Weight: 1.25-1.5 metric tons
  • Eyes: Forest green
  • Horns: Ivory
  • Hair: Black (some white)
  • Body: Tan/Brown, Light Brown
  • Shell: Medium grey with ten pyramid spines (2 columns of 3, center column of 4)
  • Breath Type: Petrification


Turtles aren’t known for dwelling on or around mountains, but apparently this koopa is. He’s grown by a foot and a few inches and remains seemingly as wide. He maintains his considerably burly form, packing lots of thickly scaled muscle along with his girthy middle. Though his appearance looks much like his normal self (though bigger), his colors have altered as some indicator of his change — his usual bronze-orange scheme has given way to a more earth-toned scheme: tans and browns with some hint of red, while his ventral ribbing is a lighter shade of brown. He retains his usual black striping, with large rounded rectangle marks on both shoulders of stony grey that matches his new shell color.

Much of his head and face is at least similar to his default look; the colors have changed, to be sure, but the structure is similar. His semi-curly hair has grown a little longer, and in the process, has gained a few white hairs. His horns have become more angular, as opposed to his usual smooth curved type. Instead of being smooth (other than the tips), they now have distinct sides. His eyes, still pantherine-like, have turned a deep green. His facial color matches his shell, while his snout is a medium brown. His voice, when he uses it, is exceedingly baritone, almost always expressing a calm, detached confidence.

Looking back at the rest of him, the word ‘big’ is pretty apt. As fitting an adult male koopa, he’s got plenty of brawn on his heavy frame; packing a good helping of muscle under a sheath of thick, tough scales. Of course, he’s got his trademark koopa belly to match — something he tends to be quite proud of, mind you. His tail remains fairly short, as expected, and is black striped, just like his arms. Also as usual, all of his fingers and toes are capped with claws, now a light grey. The standard white-lipped carapace you’d expect to see is of course there, the tiles now a dark stone grey. Pyramid shaped spines have replaced the cone shaped decor usually present.

Right off the top, the koopa has an akubra (wide brimmed hat) atop his head, tailored to accomodate his horns. The hat is a milk chocolate brown, with a light beige cord about the center. While it’s relatively clean, it’s a little fuzzy at the edges from years of wear. Right under that, he wears a pair of black-framed eyeglasses, the frames shaped like rounded-rectangles and having thick temple-arms.

Moving down he has on a light beige coat (provided the climate allows). It can be kept closed with a single center zipper, and has a dark brown leather collar. The material on the outside seems pretty soft; likely cotton. The inside lining is a plaid pattern, mostly made up of dark green.

Down underneath he just wears a pair of blue jeans, with a roomy, loose fit. On his feet he’s got long socks and a pair of dark brown, mid-length boots.

The koopa’s accessories are pretty simple at the moment, consisting only of some simple red kerchiefs tied about his wrists and neck (granted, these had to come in the ‘extra-extra-EXTRA large’ size). They look like they’ve seen better days, however, appearing a bit thread worn in spots, especially their edges. Much of the standard paisley patterns on them have been worn off, further proof of their age. A silver colored ring adorns his right hand.


In this form, Victor’s powers change quite a bit. These include:

  • Petrification breath: Breathes a short range grey mist that petrifies living things rapidly on contact. It can be reversed; pure water may do the trick.
  • Earth wall stomp: One of the more powerful stomp abilities; it causes a large wall of earth to spring up in a ring around him. The more power put into it, the denser and higher the wall becomes. However, it doesn’t work if not in contact with suitable ground (it will function as a regular stomp otherwise).
  • Stone scales: Victor can harden either parts of himself or the whole thing for increased durability, (static) strength, and weight. The longer he concentrates, the denser it gets.
  • Cold resistance: While not as good as the Freezie form, he is more tolerant of colder climates than his normal self.

He also gains the following skills:

  • Mountain survival
  • Earth sensitivity


  • General ability upgrade.
  • One tail spine added.
  • Base height increases by one foot.
  • Petrification touch: Can turn others to stone via extended contact.


  • General ability upgrade.
  • One more tail spine added.
  • Base height increases by another half foot.
  • Earth elemental abilities.


A rather meditative sort, this form tends to go on — what else — mountain trekking trips and spending a lot of time navel gazing (during which time he tends to turn to stone). Some reports say that he’s responsible for all those Chomp rocks found on a certain dino-overrun island, but who knows? He does go pushing them about sometimes for strongman training, though.

He hates being airborne, so any sort of flying is out. He’s also used to being alone, so doesn’t talk a whole lot if he has the option. It doesn’t mean he can’t open up though; just find the common ground. He’s also not a fan of water (or at least pools and the like — showers are fine).

He has no musical preference in this form. To all of you thinking “rock music”, you will be shot.


The Stone Shell is based off the Stone Cap from Paper Mario. This item would turn you to stone for a turn, making you invincible to attacks, but also meant you couldn’t attack for that turn. It was a natural fit.

The POW Block first appeared in Mario Bros. though became an item in Super Mario Bros. 2. Same effect in both, though; it causes earthquakes that damage all grounded opponents. I took that to be an earth element-based power, and here we are.

I’d been thinking about a larger form, and what a mountain koopa might be, and was simultaneously thinking about a tarasque. Originally the POW Block was going to be used for the tarasque form, but I didn’t feel it matched well, and it occurred to me I should make this form instead for it. So, the mountain koopa and earth-based element powers came together here. I was thinking of making some sort of monk-like thing, but that was largely dropped. He does sometimes meditate (usually turning into a statue in the process) though. That might show later.

Version four didn’t change too much besides colors, and the addition of the new card system.

Form of the month for November 2014.