Mini Megaopolis

“Mini Megaopolis. Macro simulator. Attack of the hypnotized city smashers!”
While the MAUR usually simulates more regularly sized environments, the simulation here has been tuned to give the sensation of being a towering monster in a cityscape. In fact, after stepping through the door, it turns invisible to preserve the illuion, and the controls here only appear on voice command. The ability to adjust the city size is also present, so you can seem like you’re the size of a giant dump truck, to being as tall as the skyscrapers, to even being big enough to crush entire city blocks with just one stomp. And lastly, don’t worry — any simulated people or buildings that get smashed up can be restored with the touch of a button.

After some initial adjustment, the lay of the land is fairly simple; the city is situated on a wide, flat plain, some mountains visible in the very far distance in almost every direction. Organized in a typical ‘ring’ fashion, there are a few concentrations of skyscrapers and other large buildings, and others tend to be shorter and sparser as it radiates outward. For those that get enormously huge, there’s a cloud layer that will likely affect visibility, perhaps leading to some accidental damage.

Those at smaller sizes will notice that the city is as real as any; busses and cars crowd the streets, people go about their business (often trying to flee in terror when they do see an oversized monster attacking, of course), and signs flash. Some say that the town is visited every so often by aliens that turn one of its residents huge and enslave them into demolishing what they can. Who knows why, but the town always seems to go on.