Metro City Police Station

“Metro City Police Station. For police-related play.”
The image of a modern police station is to be found here — well, almost; if by ‘modern’ you mean “late 80s/early 90s”. Alright, it’s seen somewhat better days and could use a paint job, but it’s serviceable. The foyer, rather wide and tall, has worn down slate blue tile, and the white walls are covered with various photos, and award plaques. A wide receptionist desk is often busy, directing people to take a ticket and have a seat in one of the seats placed on the sides of the hall. It’s not uncommon to have someone dragged in, wrists bound behind their back, by someone working at the station. The air smells faintly like some pine-scented cleaning solution most of the time.

Those escorted (whether willingly or not) to the back will find an array of various offices, an officer’s locker room, a modest forensics lab, a break room, dispatch, and all the usual things you’d expect to find. There are also a few offices labelled ‘INTERROGATION’ that have about what you’d expect: a small table, some chairs, not much light, and what’s clearly a one-way mirror. What’s not expected, however, are a pair of speakers mounted in the corners. Those on the controls side may note the ability to play certain mind-altering programs. If that isn’t enough, there’s a locked medicine cabinet in the room too.

Of course, the one thing most people associate with the station is the limited cell block present, intended as temporary ‘housing’ until those inside are moved to the county jail, or to a federal penitentiary. While they’re kept fairly clean, the paint has faded and there’s some grime that never seems to go away. Interestingly enough, the cells are individually sealed for privacy; no simple bars here. Another set of speakers can be found in each cell — perhaps explaining why many of those kept here are rendered quite docile. If that isn’t working, the ventilation system can always be rigged to dispense a mind controlling gas into them.