Robots are awesome. Koopas are awesome. Therefore, a robot koopa is awesome^2.


  • Card Combination: (Foundation) + Metal Mushroom + Lightning Bolt
  • Height: 8′ 6″ (about 2.6 meters)
  • Weight: Aproximately 1.5 metric tons
  • Eyes: Varies (usually blue)
  • Horns: Keys
  • Hair: Black
  • Body Colors: Orange-bronze, Honey
  • Shell: Olive green with ten amber gems (standard arrangement)
  • Breath Type: Plasma beam


Victor has turned into quite the metallic behemoth. This mechakoopa definitely isn’t one of those little toys a certain redhead was known to use. The eight and a half foot machine turtle is quite a different sort, seeming to radiate age and power; it’s like he was created in a time long past that couldn’t possibly have made him on their own. His bronze-colored, thick plated body roughly resembles his normal self, at least shape wise. His ribbing though has become smooth though, even if the middle is delineated by a golden color.

Examining his head and facial details, the first thing to be noticed are his horns; these have become ‘butterfly’ style keys that constantly turn while he’s active. Simulated hair on top of the bronzen face arranged to mimic his regular self (short, black, and semi-curly) is present. Below that are his eyes; these structures are metallic discs with a glowing center that changes colors according to his mood. These default to a moderate blue, and the center can enlarge or narrow as needed. A smoothly opening and closing gold-colored snout is present. His voice has an almost expected monotone to it, though.

Looking back at the rest of him, he’s big, both in height and in girth. On his chest and backs of his hands, there’s a strange symbol; in the center is a smooth, green oval jewel, with a pair of white wings coming from the sides. A koopa tail is depicted underneath, making it look like a faravahar. Glyphs of some ancient design line his powerful, ivory-inlaid upper arms, where they connect into gauntlet-like structures. His strong legs flow into heavy boot-like feet. His shell now has become smooth; the outer lip is copper. Where his spines were, there are now faintly glowing amber-gold gemstones with etched gold bases. His tail is still present, though its movements have become more mechanical and precise. Lastly, his shoulder, arm, and tail striping remain.

Being a robot, he doesn’t need much in the way of clothes, but he does have two satellite ‘bits’ that usually hover over his shoulder. Attachments and tools of some design can usually be found on his right arm. Patterns of light often play over his ‘skin’ surface. For [accessories], he wears thick electrum wristbands and anklebands that have smooth round studs on them, as well as a matching collar. A silver colored ring adorns his right hand.

He also wears a matching collar that’s considerably thinner, but decorated the same way and made of the same material. It doesn’t appear to be removable either.

He wears no real clothes, because they’re built in. Patterns of light can often can be seen on his surface, and range from blues, to reds, to purples. These patterns especially interface with the symbols on his hands and chest. When he desires it, he projects rings of light out a foot or two from him, forming orbiting rings of odd glyphs.

He currently has a set of polyhedral ‘bits’ that follow him, hovering just over his shoulders. They glow in various colors and even change shape from time to time. The left bit seems to prefer pointier shapes, while the right one sticks to rounder ones.

He’s often seen with some kind of odd tool or device mounted on his right arm. Often times this is a sort of multi-cylinder contraption that rotates around, delivering whatever’s in the currently loaded canister though an aerosol sprayer or more directly by injection.


Victor’s abilities markedly change in this form, as expected:

  • Plasma Beam Breath: Fires a powerful energy beam from his maw. Think of it as a phaser from Star Trek. It can be tuned to deliver concussive force to simply push things away, ala Cyclops’ optic blast.
  • Telescoping Limbs: His legs, arms, fingers, and even shell can extend varying lengths.
  • Power Stomp: The element of electricity is added to the stomp.
  • Shell Hide > Shell Spin: Unlike his other forms, the shell itself extends and spins, rather than his whole form.

He’s skilled in and interested with general science and technology, though leans more toward experimentation and observation than theorem. This includes optics, machinery, astronomy, and more.


All normal rank abilities, plus:

  • Base height increases by 1/2 foot.
  • One tail spine added.
  • General ability upgrade.


All super rank changes, plus:

  • Base height increases by another 1/2 foot.
  • One more tail spine added.
  • General ability upgrade.


Built long ago by forces beyond mortal comprehension? Constructed¬†by an ancient mad scientist? A little of both? It’s hard to say.

Certainly not any conventional machine, this mechakoopa can do some rather fantastic things. At the heart of this is his power source, essentially an improbability or chaos singularity. Exposure to this singularity can cause some…interesting effects. When focused through his satellites, however, it can be more regulated.

His satellites are not only there to look pretty; they can be used for reconnaissance and other functions. They need to recharge every four hours though.

The mechakoopa tends to be rather reserved, but unaware of many social graces or mores. If something interests him, he doesn’t see much harm in doing what he wants with it.


Like the Wing Shell, the Metal Shell was based on a cap item from Super Mario 64, this one being the Metal Cap that turns you into a heavy, metallic, and invincible figure. The mechakoopa, an enemy seen at the end of Super Mario World, was taken as further inspiration, but beyond the rotating keys and the name, not much else was taken from it.

The story above came from maybe 10 minutes of thinking, but it felt right. I think Bubo of Clash of the Titans fame is at fault for his design, along with Huitzil from the Darkstalkers series.

This form is likely on it’s fourth or fifth revision; hopefully I’ve gotten it right this time. It’s rather hard to nail down abilities he has or doesn’t have as technology can be as bad as magic.

Form of the month for February 2015.