Manual Control Mode

“Manual control mode. Play out your own room.”
Save for a lone pedestal of a few feet housing the controls fo the room, the MAUR’s current form is one seemingly emptiness, pure white in every direction. There does seem to be a floor of some sort, but it too is white. Even the door that leads back to the main room has become white. The air is still and silent; though echoes can be heard faintly in the distance from louder footfalls and other actions.

The controls on the lonely pedestal display “CUSTOM ROOM BUILD MODE”. The touchscreen suggests a few basic categories of objects such as furniture, natural objects, and other constructs, though offers advanced modes for more experienced users. When an object is selected, the screen changes and allows the user to position them around the room. Some basic presets are included as well for convenience.

[NOTE: This is a free form room for whatever sort of room you desire. Simply role play what you build.]