Lazy Turtle Cove

“Lazy Turtle Cove. Beach, jungle, sand and mud.”
The gentle crash and roar of waves and warm, salty, humid air greet you as you arrive at Lazy Turtle’s Cove. Simulating an unexplored, deserted island, the blue skies overhead, accented with wisps of clouds, offer a perfect spot to relax. The fine white sands of the beach, turned brown by the water washing ashore, is speckled with shells and seaweed, but otherwise welcomes bare paws or feet. Large, heavily weathered rocks provide places to sit against or bask on top of to gaze out into the sea. The controls have been cleverly hidden on a rock face. Tall tropical trees sit a little ways off, a small jungle of sorts.

Those seeking shade might be tempted to head into the trees; within is a tall canopy of green. Occasionally birds call out or flit this way and that, mixing in with other sounds of nature. However, those that adventure further may stumble upon some of the more interesting features of the island — pools of lumpy, wet sand that can easily be sunk into if one is too careless, perhaps fed by underground springs. The same can be said for pits of wet, sloppy, brown and grey mud found in the area (though some swear it works wonders for skin and scales).

Whether you choose to go out swimming, relax on the beach, or explore the flora present, Lazy Turtle Cove may only be a simulation, but not many would complain. Those on the beach will likely enjoy the endless, lightly hypnotic pattern of the waves coming ashore. Those going under the canopy of green may find some of the flora or fauna to have rather…interesting properties if exposed to them. Don’t worry though; the automatic safety system should engage if you get yourself a little too deep into one of the sinkholes.