Koopa Dungeon

“Koopa Dungeon. A replica of Victor’s personal playroom.”
Koopas seem inseperable from castles and palaces, and this facsimile of Victor’s personal royal playroom is a reminder of that. The walls are made of dull brown and grey stone, some green with lichens and such. The smells vary and include musty and dank, to stronger ones like bleach and chemicals. The lighting is kept low overall, though torches and the like stand ready. There are a few prison cells with thick bars, large and small, hewn into the stone, keeping miscreants and the disobedient firmly locked away until being transferred elsewhere.

Evidence of the dungeons being used for other purposes are present as well. There’s a wide assortment of tools and toys from a selection of paddles, flails, straps, collars, cuffs, and other such simpler tools lined up meticulously on one wall. More complicated apparatuses, including a variety of machines such as a TENS unit and vacuum pump machines, are positioned on another wall. Still more esoteric (yet fitting to the location) items can be found here, including magikoopa wands, odd oversized paintbrushes, and pocket chomp balls. Based on some of the sounds coming from the cells down the hall, it’s likely some of the denizens are meant to participate in the events here — most likely to the detriment of those on the receiving end, of course.

Specialized tables and harnesses for putting a misbehaving subject in nearly any position desired are also present. If even more flexibility is required, floating bricks with heavy iron loops attached can be placed and then locked into any position desired with a decent punch once they’re in place. A series of disco ball-like structures can also be turned on to light up the large main chamber if wanted. Lastly, a series of ? boxes, stacked on shelves with various labels, is present.