“The Hypnodungeon. Your average playroom, plus some hypnotoys.”
The MAUR’s current configuration is along the lines of what you’d expect to find in some hardcore BDSM joint’s playroom — dim lighting, somewhat more confined space, and an assortment of toys and specialty ‘furniture’. As with about any of these, it’s rarely clean, with chains, cuffs, and other devices strewn about. Just as well, it’s not exactly the height of good taste either. White rope lights are positioned along the tops and bottoms of the walls, providing a little illumination. On said walls are large cutouts of spirals, done in green and yellow. A trio of globes hanging above project rays of mutli-colored light when switched on by the rather 70’s-ish controls available. The air in the room is a bit stale, and smells of smoke.

Given the theme of the room, an array of cuffs, chains, collars, bands, and other restraining devices are present, and work well with the tables and slings available. Another array consisting of paddles, flogs, and other punishment devices also stand ready for the firm hand of a displeased Master to punish their slaves in training. The Pendulum being what it is, there’s an assortment of more specialized implements available. A few pendants are there for those who like the classic approach, or for those without patience, there’s a video visor with similar technology that the hypnochairs in the main room use. A rack of pre-set programs on DVD is included in the room for convenience. It’s not uncommon to find small pill vials or odd powders left over from some previous users of the room, either.

There are some small speakers mounted out of the way in the corners of the ceiling, but for whatever reason, all they ever play is blaxploitation and disco music, so most folks opt to keep that off. There’s also a few movie posters from the 70s stuck on the wall related to said music, though thankfully they’re out of the way. The big spirals dominating the wall are distorted, and the floor is often sticky. But hey, you’ve likely heard cries of pleasure from this sort of room before (or made some yourself), so it can’t be all that bad, can it?