Hammer Champion Koopa

In Autumn of 1985 to Winter 1986, thousands of then kids had their virtual plumber avatars slaughtered in droves when they ran into hammer-tossing koopas, big and small. This form recalls that bygone era.


  • Card Combination: (Foundation) + Hammer Suit + Hammer
  • Height: 8′ 6″ (about 2.6 meters)
  • Weight: 1,986-2,203 lbs (about 900-1,000 kilograms)
  • Eyes: Green
  • Horns: Standard
  • Hair: Black
  • Body Colors: Ruddy orange-bronze, Strawberry honey
  • Shell: Smooth black with ten cone spines (two columns of three, center column of four)
  • Breath Type: Fire


Big, burly, scaly, and shellbacked…yep, that’s Victor. Still at his usual eight and a half feet tall, he still retains his considerable size and strength, weighing in at around a ton. His scales have taken on a ruddier hue overall versus his usual self’s orange-bronze from face to snout to body. Contrasting this is his sizeable shell; it’s become a glossy black in hue, now smooth textured save for the cone spines adorning it. He looks a shade or two more fit, with a bit more barrel shape to him instead of his usual more rounded gut. He retains his curious stripes, though only on his arms, and with a higher density thereof.

Having a look at his face and head, there seem to be a few changes. Sure, his horns retain their familiar “devil” shape, though his curly black hair has been shortened considerably. His matching bushy black eyebrows frame eyes of medium green, replacing his usual amber ones. Said eyes contrast against his reddish-brown face scales, which in turn contrast against his light orange snout. The tips of a pair of fangs protrude from those wide snoutlips. When he speaks, his voice is fittingly deep and more than a bit gruff.

Moving further down, the old koopa’s broad, girthy body certainly accounts for all that mass of his between his thickly muscled arms, chest, and legs, his huge shell, and his almost infamous gut. Sure, said belly might appear a tad flatter in this form, but some of that weight seems to have been transferred elsewhere. Big arms and strong legs are sheathed in a thick layering of a reddish flavor of his usual orange-bronze scales, while chest and belly are colored a strawberry-tinged variant of his honey-colored ventral ribbing. Matte-black stripes line those arms of his, the same color of his rounded carapace, which has a glossier sheen. Said shell retains the usual thick ivory rim and traditional conical shell spines, and his stubby, conical tail positioned underneath. Large claws, the same color of that rim, adorn his fingers and toes.

The big koopa looks dressed for battle. He’s got on a black vest that’s custom fit to him. It’s got a big zipper up the middle. From the outlines, there’s apparently armor of some kind stitched in. There’s an patch stitched onto the left breast of a green koopa shell viewed from overhead. Matching black BDU pants cover his legs down to his feet, where he wears a big old pair of steel toed, black combat boots, laced up tight. The boots have a heavy tread to them; they’d have to, given what they have to support.

What gives him his title is rapidly apparent: two one-handed mace-style hammers, the tops looking like a shell in ball form at his waist are his usual go to weapons, while an outsized war hammer that usually needs two hands (even from him) is available to the koopa king when he wants a more brute force approach. Other accessories include black forearm guards, and a plain black choker collar. A silver colored ring adorns his right hand.


As expected, Victor’s abilities center around his hammers in this form, though he has most of his usual assortment. These hammers are fairly comparable in composition to Thanagarian “Nth metal”, causing them to be extremely durable and disruptive to magic in particular.

  • Fire breath: His fire breath only comes out in small balls, like Fire Bros. He can breathe three at a time, and they tend to bounce along the ground or spin through the air.
  • War Hammer Skills:
    • Quake Hammer: By passing along the energy used from his ground pound into his war hammer, he can use it to create much the same effect, though more concentrated. If there are targets hanging on a ceiling, it will affect them, whereas a normal power stomp will not.
    • Spin Smash: Knocks target back on successful hit.
    • Head Rattle: Causes target to be temporarily confused on hit.
  • Dual Hammer Skills:
    • Hammer Throw & Return: Throws a hammer at a target, then has it return.

Naturally, he gains skills focused on using said hammers, though not necessarily for combat applications (eg: blacksmithing).


  • Base height increases by 1/2 foot.
  • One tail spine added.
  • General ability upgrade.
  • Fire breath increases to five shots at a time.
  • War Hammer upgrades to super rank:
    • Quake Hammer upgrades to Power Quake.
    • Smash Charge: Spends some time to power up his next strike. Can be combined with other special attacks to make them more effective.
  • Dual Hammers upgrade to super rank:
    • Fire Drive / Ice Smash: Imbues a hammer with one of these elements.


  • Base height increases by another 1/2 foot.
  • One more tail spine added.
  • Fire breath increases to seven shots at a time.
  • War Hammer upgrades to ultra rank:
    • Power Quake upgrades to Mega Quake.
    • Smash Charge upgrades to Super Smash Charge.
    • Shrink Smash: Causes target to shrink temporarily on hit.
  • Dual Hammers upgrade to ultra rank:
    • Defense Down Pound: Reduces defense of target on hit.



By substituting a Boomerang Flower instead of the Hammer suit, Victor swaps out his dual hammers for boomerangs. His shell becomes a glossy dark blue instead of black.


Koopas favor hammers, so it’s not too surprising to see Victor go with a proverbial classic.


The Hammer Suit from Super Mario Bros. 3 was an item I’d long wondered what to do with; at first I had vague ideas for an armored form, but since I’ve been doing a couple “species” mixes, I thought it was better to do something with that here, and give him access to all the various koopa weaponry that’s been seen, with a few of his own.

The Boomerang Flower appears in Super Mario 3D Land and World. His range of hammer attacks come from the Paper Mario series.

Form of the month for April 2015.