Gunslinger Koopa

Let’s play a fun gun game.


  • Card Combination: (Foundation) + Bullet Bill + Bob-Omb
  • Height: 8′ 6″ (about 2.6 meters)
  • Weight: 1,986-2,203 lbs (about 900-1,000 kilograms)
  • Eyes: Gold
  • Horns: Angled
  • Hair: Black
  • Body Colors: Gunmetal grey, metallic red
  • Shell: Black with ten “thruster” spines (two columns of three, center column of four)
  • Breath Type: Incendiary Blast


A little scent of gunpowder and dust likely precedes Victor in his current state (though the usual heavy thumps of his footsteps almost certainly do as well). That said, his girthy eight and a half feet tall frame remains intact, though there do appear to be a bit more than the usual coloration changes. Big chest, big arms, big legs, big belly, and a big shell certainly aren’t new for this old koopa, however, his usual colors have changed to a gunmetal grey outer body, and a metallic red for his ventral ribbing. His horns and shell décor are a bit different than the usual as well. The black stripes usually found on his arms, legs, and outer body are still present, but now golden in hue.

His standard amber eyes with black pupils are now a stark contrast to the black scales of his face. Thick black eyebrows match his short, thick, and semi-curly black hair that sits between his horns, which have taken a more angular look, ending up pointing directly upward instead of simply curving inward. That black facial scaling also contrasts against the ash-colored snout, which the tips of twin fangs poke out from the top lip of. His chin is rounded, and his wide neck is short. His voice usually suggests a gruff tone…or at least, a gruffer one than his usual.

As always, Victor’s frame suggests quite a bit of heft to him. From thickset arms and legs, to his big belly, to his huge shell, it’s no wonder that he easily pegs the one ton plus mark on the scale, nevermind performing feats of strength that most might think impossible. Being testudine, his body is somewhat large in proportion to his limbs, which includes a stubby tail that features more golden stripes across its top. Ivory claws adorn his thick fingers and toes as always, the color matching the thick rim of his black-tiled shell. The usual pointed spines are a bit different at present, however; they seem like discs but with indents in them.

The koopa has a rather Western-themed outfit on, starting with a button up shirt (usually white) with a light brown leather vest worn over it that features a series of black buttons. In colder times, he’ll wear a matching brown knee-length over coat. In any case, a set of red-tinted glasses lets him see better, the lenses a rounded rectangle in shape.

For his lower half, he sports a pair of blue jeans, held up with a brown belt that has a turtle shell-patterned buckle, a holster spotted on his right. Brown boots round out his attire.

Upon his belt is what likely gives him a scent of gunpowder – his signature “bullet blaster” revolver. A gun that would look ridiculous if some smaller species attempted to wield it, the size and weight of the weapon are easily handled by the koopa king, and he can be often found spinning or messing with the chamber. Otherwise, a bolo tie and red paisley cloth wristbands round out his accessories. A silver colored ring adorns his right hand.

The koopa wears three inch wide, black leather wrist and ankle bands. Instead of the usual cone studs found elsewhere, these are adorned with a brushed metal band going stamped around the center. These are kept secured to him via brass double-pin metal buckle closures. Complementing these is a slightly narrower collar done in the same style.


As you might expect, most of his powers revolve around firearms:

  • “Shotgun” blast breath: Victor’s breath emulates the incendiary dragon’s breath shotgun shell, projecting a white-hot shower of burning sparks at a target.
  • Blast stomp: Adds showers of hot sparks to the usual stomp.
  • Boost shell: Uses thrusters to achieve ramming speed.
  • Bullet Blaster: This gun would be huge by human standards, but fits comfortably in Victor’s hand. It appears to bear a resemblance to a revolver, with three chambers. These chambers are not used for bullets, but rather for modifiers that are named after virtues. The blaster has unlimited ammo and doesn’t need reloading, though there is a limit to how fast it can fire (usually influenced by the contents of the chambers) and there is recoil. As in the games, bullets can be jumped on, though this liability can be compensated for. Certain properties have different priorities in resolving (eg: drilling goes before exploding, but bounce goes before drilling).
    • “Comitas” (Humor): Loop shot – adds a loop to the shot’s path. Increased uses add more loops.
    • “Constantia” (Perseverance): Bounce shot – the shot will bounce off walls, ceilings, floors, etc. Increased uses increase the number of ricochets.
    • “Disciplina” (Discipline): Homing shot – the shot will curve to hit the target. Increased uses increase the homing ability. Decreases shot strength.
    • “Firmitas” (Tenacity): Drill shot – the shot will drill into the target. Increased uses improve the drilling speed and power. Reduces fire rate slightly.
    • “Gravitas” (Gravity): Explosive shot – when striking a target, the shot will explode. Increased uses improve damage and blast size. Can also be triggered by being jumped on.
    • “Industria” (Industry): Trail shot – shots a strand of material to use as rope. Increased uses improve the durability and length and provides a grapple gun function.
    • “Iustitia” (Justice): Fast shot – boosts shot speed. Increased uses provide further increases.
    • “Pietas” (Piety): Boost shot – shots start off slow, then dramatically increase in speed. Increased uses increase the boost effect.
    • “Prudentia” (Prudence): Bullet plus – adds another bullet per shot. Increased uses add more bullets per shot, but decreases fire rate and increases recoil.
    • “Veritas” (Truthfulness): Sniper shot – adds a targeting sight, improves aim, and reduces recoil. Increased uses further improve aim.
    • “Virtus” (Manliness): Giant shot – Makes the size of bullets larger (though increases recoil as well). Increased uses further increase the size (up to the size of a King Bill), though cause massive recoil and shot speed decrease.
    • Other virtues include “Auctoritas”, “Clementia”, “Dignitas”, “Frugalitas”, “Honestas”, “Humanitas”, and “Salubritas”.


Many of these changes carry over to other forms.

  • Base height increases by one foot.
  • One tail fin added.
  • General ability upgrade.
  • Double Bullet Blasters available (doves optional).
  • Bullet blasters now have five chambers.


All Super Rank changes, plus…

  • Base height increases by one (more) foot.
  • One (more) tail fin added.
  • General ability upgrade.
  • Bullet blasters now have seven chambers.
  • Shell turns gold.


Shoots things, has shot things, will shoot things. Likes Western theme songs.


This form borrows on the ubiquitous bullet-shaped enemy that’s appeared in so many Mario games, but debuted in Super Mario Bros. so many years ago. Since then, it’s had several roles and behaviors, which are reflected in the various modifiers.

Development for this was a bit difficult. Some of the problems include the obvious “Bullet Bills are slow and dumb” and making it more than just “Victor with guns”. There was going to be Contra-inspired weaponry (and perhaps, there still is), though that was scrapped, as well as many elemental-based alternates using the third slot, but that seemed gauche.

Form of the month for November 2015.