Grunt’s Gym

“Grunt’s Gym. For those who like big muscle boys and girls.”
Given the lazy environment the main room usually is, the MAUR in its current mode is a distinct contrast. As you first come in, there’s your average front desk, with a couple worker bees shuffling paper. After that, there’s the gym itself. Split like most typical gyms into a cardio area, a free weights section, and the weight machines section, Grunt’s Gym is as well stocked as any gym you might come across.

The cardio machine section, located on the bottom floor, has an assortment of treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers, rowers, and bikes in different shapes and configurations to accomodate a wide variety of species. Upstairs, the free weights and assorted apparatus including power racks, benches, and squat racks are present, the various bars and plates usually left in some state of disarray. The machine side is a bit cleaner, and features a number of selectorized machines designed to target a number of bodyparts. The sound of falling weights is muffled by black heavy rubber flooring.

One thing someone new to Grunt’s might notice is that many of the more experienced trainees are able to attack their workouts with singular focus, no matter what kind of athlete they would like to be. Perhaps that’s due to Grunt’s having something others don’t – an assortment of private rooms and on-staff hypnotists. If those are unavailable, there are some “special” instructional videos available to members. Grunt’s encourages all of its members to make use of these amenities often.