Grand Magikoopa

Magic is easy. Just get reality to lie to itself for a little while.


  • Card Combination: (Foundation) + Hammer Suit + Wand (Various types, see below)
  • Height: 8′ 6″ (about 2.6 meters)
  • Weight: 1,986-2,203 lbs (about 900-1,000 kilograms)
  • Eyes: Amber
  • Horns: Curved Back, Pearlescent
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Body Colors: Toffee brown (outer), light caramel (inner)
  • Shell: Cobalt blue with large X-shaped ridges
  • Breath Type: Spell


Most people are familiar with the typical magikoopa: small in stature, big glasses, and lots of robes. Victor doesn’t feature any of these. Retaining his considerable height and girth, the eight and a half foot tall koopa king is more than capable of slinging his share of the familiar glowing shapes magikoopas are seen to use. He’s taken on a sepia color theme on most of his body, his outer body and face the color of dark toffee while his thick ribbed ventral scales are colored with a lighter tan-brown reminiscent of caramel. While magic-users usually aren’t physically imposing, Victor is the exception to the rule. With his one ton-plus weight in the form of his powerful limbs and chest, never mind his big gut and shell, he’s certainly not lacking in physical attributes. His black striping remains, though a careful observation picks up on them now often crisscrossing along his arms and legs.

His usual reflective amber eyes with black pupils are the highlight of his face, though like his hair, his bushy eyebrows are now a dark brown in color. Said hair is still dense and semi-curly, seated between his horns, which now curve and point backward. Curiously, said horns have a slightly more brownish hue, and have a pearlescent finish to them. The koopa lord’s face is a dark brown, not unlike coffee with a little cream added, while his bulbous snout might remind one of butterscotch. The tips of two fangs poke out from the sides of his top snout lip. His chin is rounded, and his wide neck is short. When he speaks, his voice is deep, often exhibiting a bit of a bored undertone.

The massive magikoopa features plenty of muscle and girth when looking down at the rest of his body; his weighty self has large, Thwomp pressing arms and earth-crushing legs, nevermind the hefty chest and heftier belly he’s a bit infamous for. His front is protected by a tougher set scales arranged in bands from collarbone on down. Claws at the end of his big hands and feet match his horns and shell rim. Speaking of his shell, it’s now cobalt blue and smooth-textured, and instead of the usual spikes most associate with royal koopas, there’s a X-shaped ridge that stretches over most of the shell in the same pearlescent material.

While most magikoopas favor robes, Victor prefers more modern attire. His outfit consists of a pale yellow button up, short-sleeve dress shirt with a patterned silk tuxedo vest of royal blue, with oynx buttons. A tie sits comfortably underneath, though its colors vary depending on the particular wand he currently uses. Navy slacks with a brown belt and brown shoes complete his outfit. A silver colored ring adorns his right hand.

Around his left wrist, the koopa wizard has a band of various gemstones (topaz, ruby, & sapphire among them) along with a larger, foreboding stone of black and purple that looks to form a sharp spiral. His right wrist features a similar band, though with a brighter, rainbow-colored object. A silver-colored ring adorns his right hand. Finally, a pair of thin-rimmed rounded rectangular glasses completes his accessories.


Obviously, a magic skill set is his forte, though Victor’s method is a little unique. Generally it will involve a stomp, then something with the fists, then finally out through his mouth. With additional ranks, more components can be inserted.

The various wands, rods, and staff-type items used in the third slot determine his current ability set. These include:

  • Lightning Rod / Thunder Stick: Direct offense, some defense. Electrical.
  • Magic Wand: Staple rod. Transformation and teleportation.
  • Minimizer: Size manipulation.
  • Star Rod: Defense, conjuration.
  • Vibe Sceptre: Emotional/mental manipulation.

Of course, there’s the usual set of koopish mainstays:

  • Arcane Breath: Used to exhale spells or just a raw burst of force.
  • Mystical Stomp: Used to charge up spells or expel force.
  • Sorcerous Shell Spin: Just like regular shell spin, but flashier.


  • Base height increases by one half foot.
  • One tail spine added.
  • Two additional components (now three and five component spells are available).
    • Here, more…”oblique” uses of Victor’s spells happen, such as the Minimizer affecting concepts instead of just objects.


  • Base height increases by another half foot.
  • One more tail spine added.
  • Two additional components for spells (three, five, and seven component spells are available).
  • Mysterious X shape available.


Ah yes, the wizard. At their height of power, filled with arcane knowledge and phenomenal cosmic abilities…and also the one that gets called upon for every dumb quest and stupid favor, a lot like your “friend” with a pickup helps you move. When you seem to be a font of mystical power, these things happen.

Such is the irritation that Victor seems to exhibit, though if said irritation is ever too much, there’s always…”options” to deal with it.


The original version of this was rather different, abandoning some of Victor’s physicality and even having more of a beak than a snout, for example. The idea back then was to take what a magikoopa was and do something that was like elevating a Black Mage to a Black Wizard. It took inspiration from the various incarnations of magikoopas and their particular spell sets in RPGs. This meant a very large spell set that was fairly unwieldy. What was neat was the use of a staff with several floating crystals that attached to it.

With this incarnation, Victor has his own twists on the genre, inspired somewhat by the 2014 version of Gauntlet, where the wizard selects spells with button combinations. The particular stones on his wrist bands are the Dark (left) and Dream (right) Stones from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. His various wands are from several games (first appearances listed):

  • Magic Rod: Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Lightning Rod / Thunder Stick: Mario Kart GP
  • Minimizer: Mario Party DS
  • Star Rod: Paper Mario
  • Vibe Scepter: Super Princess Peach

Form of the month for September 2015. My true magic power is procrastination.