Gold Rush Koopa

Shiny koop is shiny.


  • Card Combination: (Foundation) + Gold Flower + Gold Mushroom
  • Height: 8′ 6″ (about 2.6 meters)
  • Weight: 1,986-2,203 lbs (about 900-1,000 kilograms) (more if in metal form)
  • Eyes: Silver
  • Horns: Standard
  • Hair: Black
  • Body Colors: Charcoal Grey, Pale Goldenrod
  • Shell: Silver with ten cone spines (two columns of three, center column of four)
  • Breath Type: Silver “fire”


Precious metals have long been coveted by most species that value them, and the rare and peculiar golden flower is said to grant others fantastic abilities…and a fairly gaudy appearance. The koopa here hasn’t become a wholly metal version of himself, but there are certainly some of those elements. Retaining his usual eight and a half feet and outsized girth, Victor’s colors are a contrast between darker colors and shinier metallic hues – specifically, silver in his case. As usual, he has quite the physical presence with large, muscular arms and legs, chest, and chubby belly. Of course, his huge, impenetrable shell adds that much more to said presence, even when looking at him from the front. Said shell is now that vibrant silver, along with his striping along his arms and legs. Otherwise, his outer body is more a black/grey hue, while his ventral ribbing is a blend of beige and pale yellow.

Looking up top, likely the most striking feature of his face are his eyes, a strange, shimmering silver pair of orbs that many may find difficult to dislodge themselves from looking at. Surrounding that is the rest – his usual curly black hair, streaked here and there with more silver with bushy eyebrows to match as well as his twin devil-like ivory horns. His facial scales are a darker variant of that ventral ribbing of his; something like mustard, perhaps. A fang-bearing bulbous koopa snout, the color of toasted almonds, completes his look. His voice sounds as deep and resonant as ever.

Below the neck, he looks to be what you’d expect – considerably sized from shoulder to toe. His chest, sheathed in that thick ventral ribbing, is as hefty as always. Paired with his powerful arms, he’s hard to miss. Said arms have a curious change – the usual stripes on them seem start sparse along the shoulders and increase in volume, leading them to look like they were dipped in silver from about the forearm down. The same could be said for this muscled legs, appearing steeped in silver from the knees down. As usual, both fingers and toes feature ivory claws at the end of them. Turning toward his back, the silver shell with its ivory cone spines arranged neatly in columns has changed from the usual hexagonal tiles to more vertical “slat” plates. His usual stubby tail sits comfortably underneath the thick, ivory-colored shell rim.

For an outfit, he wears a long sleeve, dark red Henley-style shirt with three black buttons. A black sport coat is worn outside of that. From the waist down, the big koopa wears a set of black slacks with a brown belt and brown slip on shoes.

As far as accessories, the koopa has his usual glasses: rectangular lenses with a black semi-rimless frame. His collar, wristbands, and anklebands look like fairly standard koopa bands, except instead of cone studs, they have silver rings embedded. A silver colored ring adorns his right hand.


Start with silver.

  • Silver Flame Breath: A strange, shimmering “flame” that has the effect of turning its target into solid metal in breath form, and in ball form can cause targets (especially bricks) to be turned into coins. The ball form has an area of effect blast when it strikes.
  • Silver Stomp: Prettier power stomp.
  • Silver Shell Spin: Prettier shell spin.
  • Shimmering Stare: Does about what you’d expect.
  • Can turn all or part of body into metal.


Upgrade to gold class.

  • Base height increases by one half foot.
  • One tail spine added.
  • General ability upgrade.
  • Silver features turn gold (includes outfit, breath, etc.).
  • Can partially turn into fluid metal state (though only superficially).
  • Can secrete a metalizing fluid. This can be used on living targets to turn them into statues. This state can also be undone by touch.


Membership in platinum has its privileges.

  • Base height increases by another one half foot.
  • One (more) tail spine added.
  • General ability upgrade.
  • Gold features turn platinum.
  • Can turn into a completely fluid metal state.
  • Can turn other objects into fluid metal, and control them directly. Can also absorb objects turned into this state.


Greed makes you do dumb things. Sure, a ton plus of massive turtle-dragon seems threatening, but a few sparkles and shimmers seem to override survival instincts almost ridiculously easily…something Victor isn’t ashamed of taking advantage of. He might get a little overzealous and leave behind a statue or two in his wake, but those on his good side might earn a coin or two for their trouble.


The Gold Flower originates from New Super Mario Bros. 2. I didn’t originally plan on doing this form when it was first imagined, but the month needed something, and nothing really seemed to fit well. Surprisingly, a lot of the details were rather annoying to puzzle out, but doing so produced the silver, gold, and platinum tiers.

Gold and platinum levels have obvious Terminator influences. Yes, “metalizing” is a real word, though usually refers to coating things in metal.

Yes, there’s a Gold Mushroom in there you’d think would give him boosts but I’m more leaning towards its use in New Super Mario Bros. 2 where it gives you 100 coins.

Form of the month for February 2016.