Game Room

“Game room. Specialized for playing games of many kinds.”
Card tables, arcade machines, roulette wheels — in it’s current state, the room is adapted for having a spot of fun. Said adaptations take the form of game tables of many sorts, including a pool table, and card game tables. Many of the latter are swappable for other games of chance. There’s a multi-game arcade machine or two for those liking that sort of thing toward the back left, but the most interesting piece of equipment is situated in the opposite corner.

A collection of visors and helmets, along with some other gadgets and sensors are kept in a large set of drawers, connected to a central computer. It looks like some heavy duty virtual reality equipment, but who knows, given the theme of this place. A number of different games for it are available via the controls present.

Besides these changes, the room is still a lot like the main one. This includes the old red brick walls, plenty of seating, frosted glass on top of dark wood tables, and the smooth concrete floor painted black. There’s also a small bar with a few touchscreen based games too, amusingly named “Hypno-Tron 3000”.