Future War

“Sci-Fi mode. For scenes with SCIENCE! in them. Dinosaurs optional, but encouraged.”
Though the name of the room suggests a scene of violence in a time far beyond our own, it must be an in-joke among the owners of the place. Still, the place has the feel of a rather clean, futuristic lab or hospital, with wide corridors and several dedicated rooms to various subjects. It’s lit with fluorescents, with red or blue highlights around certain doors. The halls are done in neutral colors, with several panels along the corridors serving as computer controls to help guests find what they’re looking for, or otherwise. The air is also rather neutral and clean, kept recirculating through heavy duty filters, though there’s a slight ozone twinge to it. Of course, the corridors aren’t all that interesting, but the different labs, most having windows for observers to look into, may hold some promising items of interest.

There looks to be a heavy focus on psionics research at these nameless labs, with test subjects being experimented on in varying ways to achieve these powers of the mind. Some labs focus on more organic approaches, others with technological implants. Some test subjects can be seen making small objects float in the air, while others sit wordlessly across from each other, occasionally showing a knowing smile. Whatever the approach, chrome tubes with red and blue accent lighting and numerous clear plastic tubes are present, funneling various colored fluids into the chambers. Many of the test subjects end up exhibiting some strange physiological trait, usually faint glows around the eyes or some jewel-like object on their forehead. Many also exhibit markings such as barcodes.

Other rooms have other high tech items in them, of course. Some other labs have test subjects, up to six at a time, seated in large chairs with special helmets covering their eyes and ears. Many of these ‘test subjects’ have their lower jaws slack, drooling a little as they are programmed to ser–er, relaxed thoroughly. Another lab has large chrome tubes set horizontally and filled with a pink fluid and oxygen providing masks that cover the head. These appear to be sensory deprivation tanks, but interface with a audiovisual system so that the subject can fully relax.