Enjeenyus Anidynamics

“Enjeenyus Anidynamics. Toons, balloons, rubber, and plush.”
The thing about the MAURs is you never know what you’ll wander into. Perhaps it’s never more true than in this mode. You’ve wandered inside a ‘toonscape’, where the typical laws of physics only hold true until they’re inconvenient (afterwards, they’re ruthlessly discarded). At least you’ve ended up inside “Enjeenyus Anidynamics”, the company that claims to “brings you the patently absurd and fantastic, ten seconds ago and to your left.” Looking inside, it’s fairly easy to tell why. Large and quite bouncy machines are everywhere, producing the smallest results. For example, a giant machine clanks, whirrs, and screeches for five minutes just to produce a cup of (bad) coffee.

Other machines are somewhat more useful for those interested in Enjeenyus’ primary specialty: rendering ‘real life’ objects and people into toonish equivalents that bounce, flop, and even use speech or thought bubbles when desired. Catering to the weird, Enjeenyus has also pioneered rubberization, balloonization, and even plushification technology, able to turn people into living toys. And for the toy that needs to be made obedient and servile to their owner, Enjeenyus carries a full line of the ever popular “Hypnoblaster 9000” ray guns — a best seller for over fifty years!

The controls for using any of these machines is as simple as can be. Select the change you want, adjust a few (oversized) dials for the degree of change you desire from a simple skin covering to complete transformation, throw the patented Transmogrifier Circuit into the “forward” position, and put the target inside the machine. In just minutes, you’ll have the object transformed according to your specifications. As a final note, please be aware that any machine that malfunctions may be destroyed by a crack squadron of giant mallet-wielding midgets to make room for another impossible device at a moments notice.