In command of 1.21 gigawatts of love*.



  • Card Combination: (Foundation) + Volt Shroom + Lightning Bolt, Thunder Rage, or Thunder Cloud
  • Height: 8′ 6″ (about 2.6 meters)
  • Weight: 1,700-2,000 lbs (about 770-910 kilograms)
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Horns: Pearlescent ivory; lightning bolt shaped
  • Hair: Black
  • Body Colors: Bronze, Banana Pudding Yellow
  • Shell: Brick Red
  • Breath Type: Lightning
  • Notes: Pet: L’il Sparky (Normal Rank),  Spark (Super Rank), Amp (Ultra Rank)


The crackle of electricity is probably the first indicator of Victor’s presence in this form; arcs of it often jump between his shell spines and horns on occasion with a sharp pop. Still at his normal height of eight and a half feet (and seemingly just as much around), Victor has taken on the aspects of a lesser known form of koopa subspecies, the electrokoopa. His body scales now a pure bronze and his shell a deep brick red with flecks of yellow, his body shape has become more barrel-like; tighter in the belly (yet still with ample padding) and more defined all around while retaining the mass of his muscle. His tail has lengthened a little ways, as well. His arms and legs remain marked with the same ragged tiger-like striping. The slight scents of metal and ozone follow him.

The electrokoopa’s eyes are a reflective, lemon yellow, his eyebrows above still black and bushy. These are set on his copper-colored face. His hair has shortened considerably…the curled locks now trimmed into a crew cut. In that hair are his two horns, now pointing back in a Z sort of shape, a pearlescent white in color. Arcs of electricity sometimes shoot between them, giving away his abilities. Looking down to his snout, it seems to have lengthened a little; and has taken on a cream color. His voice has gotten a shade higher, and his tone often has a faint theremin-like hum to it.

Looking back at the rest of him, he seems to have gotten in shape for this form — at least somewhat. Still powerfully built, his musculature is more defined now with some of his body fat trimmed, though he still has enough padding to make him a respectable koopa lord. As noted, his outer body scales are a solid bronze, while his thick ventral scales have taken on the color of banana pudding. His brick red shell has lost the shell tile grooves, appearing mostly smooth other than for the usual complement of spines. Said spines are also in that same deep red, though feature bright yellow rings around them. There’s ten of these in all; arranged in the same fashion as his normal self. His tail sticks out, longer than before, occasionally giving someone a prod and a little buzz to keep them on their toes.

Victor is currently wearing a rather red and black-themed outfit right now. Up top he has on a pair of red-tinted glasses with oval lenses and a gunmetal colored frame. After that, he’s got on a red waist-length jacket. The jacket is made of a thick leather-like material, and has a decent degree of gloss to it. The black stitching is rather noticeable to the garment as well, and there are two breast pockets to it. Black stripes run up the sides. The sleeves are usually worn folded back as well, with the sleeve buttons undone. There’s a large brass center zipper in the middle as well, usually worn at least half-open, showing that nothing is on underneath.

Below the waist, Victor has on a black pair of loose-fitting jeans, secured by a red leather belt which has a rectangular double pin brass buckle to it. There’s a white lightning bolt patch on the left pant cuff if you look closely. Naturally his pants have an opening for his tail, and over his feet he wears a black and dark grey pair of boots, with black laces.

On his hands, he wears a pair of black leather gloves. The gloves cover down to just past his wrists, where black bands, built into the ends, circle around. On his knuckles, there are smooth metal plates, probably designed to take advantage of his unique abilities with electricity.

Around his neck he wears a simple thick, black collar. It’s similar in design his wristbands; a little bit ‘padded’ outward. A silver colored ring adorns his right hand.


Victor’s powers obviously change to be more electrically-based in this form, though most of his usual self’s abilities stay intact.

  • Lightning Breath: At normal rank, Victor will only be able to produce ball lightning. Anything above and full-on lightning bolts can be generated. A shrinking variant of this lightning can also be produced.
  • Electro-Stomp: By concentrating power into a leg and then stomping the ground, Victor can either call down a lightning bolt, or generate a 360-degree electrical pulse. Higher ranks increase the number of bolts of the former or the range & power of the wave stomp.
  • Electrical Touch: Victor can focus electrical current through various points on his body, most notably through his hands. The studs on his gloves are used to focus this, though his feet and tail can also be used.
  • Electro-Spin: A shell spin with added lightning element to jolt those who come in contact with it.


  • Often may be seen eating Electro Pops.
  • Koopa Control Device: An add-on for his gloves, these devices allow the user to manipulate the thoughts of those that are subjected to it, or channel current through the fingertips. Continued exposure increases the effects.


  • Will wear the above on both hands, as well as a silver necklace with a Thunder Cloud likeness on it.
  • Lightning Elemental (Ultra Rank): As with other elemental powers, he can turn into lightning, at least for a brief period. This enables feats like (virtual) teleportation.


Electrokoopas were found in Isle Delfino, causing trouble. With this form, Victor takes that show (and then some) on the road.


An overhaul of the original version 3 Lightning Bolt card; this used to call up a more traditional Dragon-Turtle form, but with the advent of Super Mario Sunshine, it felt like a variant on it would be more appropriate.

The Volt Shroom comes from Paper Mario, which would produce a defensive aura when used. The Lightning Bolt comes from Super Mario Kart, which would shrink all other karts when used.

Horn design was borrowed from Garr (there, I admit it), while the outfit is a lift from D.D. from Capcom Fighting All-Stars (and perhaps a little from Alba Meira from King of Fighters – they may be related anyhow).

Form of the month for August 2014.