Dr. Mente’s Office

“Dr. Mente’s office. Psychiatrist’s office for medical style scenes.”
This plush psychiatrist’s office is spacious but dimly lit; perhaps twenty feet to a side. The classic decor consists of dark, restful tones that makes the office appear a bit smaller and cozier than it really is. The ceiling is painted a near-white, reflecting back soft white light that emanates from tasteful sconces on each wall. The walls are painted a deep, textured red with black tones that have been artfully combined to make an eye-pleasing surface. Half-way down the walls are paneled in a richly stained oak – possibly antique. The floor underfoot is hardwood, but its covered by a room-wide rug, plush and dark with a twining, knot-like pattern.

The centerpiece of any good therapist’s office is the couch, of course. This office is equipped with a very nice chaise lounge that is big enough to seat all but the largest patients, being broad and long. It’s very old-fashioned, with deep green leather and brass fittings, and well-carved wooden legs to hold it up and support the patient on its cool, cushioned surface. The therapist has a wing-backed chair in the same vein, with matching leather and wood carvings. Both pieces have been positioned for a variety of uses, giving both easy access to the other.

No office is complete without a few other touches. For example, there’s an antique rolltop desk (said top concealing the controls for the room) and rolling chair with the scrolled accents. The water cooler is another must have; its tank made of tinted green glass and its cabinet a darkly stained wood with brass metal fittings. And of course the cabinet is there, holding some vital supplies behind its glass-paned doors. Metronomes, pocketwatches, crystals and cards stand in their proper places, ready for use by the resident therapist. Its drawers conceal less photogenic sundries; syringes, injectables and the like.