Desert Koopa

Heat, sand, and chain chomps. The desert koopa is sort of an original creation, though much of it was inspired by a creation of a fellow koopa fan. 


  • Card Combination: (Foundation) + Rock Mushroom (or Stone Shell) + Shine Sprite
  • Height: 8′ 6″ (about 2.6 meters)
  • Weight: 1,986-2,203 lbs (about 900-1,000 kilograms)
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Horns: Standard shape, segmented
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Body Colors: Charcoal gray, Honey
  • Shell: Lemon yellow with ten cone spines (two columns of three, center column of four)
  • Breath Type: Sand, Sand bomb


The desert koopa is a rare breed, but it would appear that you’ve now come across one…or at least, you’ve found Victor transformed into one. Still at his standard height of about eight feet, a number of things have changed about him. Probably most noticeable is that his colors have changed; his usual green shell is now a bright lemon yellow, and his main body color has turned to a deep shade of gray. His build remains the same; quite the heavyset prime example of a koopa male with plenty of both muscle and paunch. Inverse striping of orange on his arms is also present.

His amber eyes have turned a vibrant shade of yellow, almost matching his shell. Said eyes still have a feline quality of reflectiveness to them, though the pupils display a round shape rather than a slitted one. His curly hair has turned a golden blonde and is somewhat…slicker, his black eyebrows changing to match. A close examination of his horns reveals they have a segmented look to them near the bases, though are otherwise similar to his usual self. His face scales have turned black, while his snout matches his honey-colored ventral ribbing. He doesn’t often speak, though when he does, his voice tends to have a taciturn quality.

Moving on to the rest of him, he still has quite the girth-laden build; lots of mass to him in the form of plenty of muscle and some fat, though perhaps a little less of the latter than his regular self. He keeps a lot of it lightly oiled to keep clean and moisturized, giving his charcoal gray body scales and honey-colored ventral bands a slight sheen. His testudine form causes his torso to appear large in comparison to his limbs, especially his legs. A stubby tail with some striping across the top near the base sticks out above his backside. His other limbs feature claws on the end of the thick digits, though his sharper features (save his horns and teeth) have been smoothed down for safety. His white-lipped, yellow-plated carapace only adds to the effect of him looking rather large for his size, though he’s lost the middle column of cone-shaped spines. The usual smooth, round ivory lip has been replaced with a smoothed series of triangular protrusions.

When it comes to clothes, he wears relatively simple and loose fitting linen robe and cotton pants, glasses, and sandals. For accessories, he has a curious piece of armor for his right arm, wrappings about his left forearm, and a studded collar. A silver colored ring adorns his right hand.

The koopa’s accessories are a little…different. On his right arm he wears a metallic multi-banded piece of armor, ending in a plated glove with metal claws added on. On the back of his palm, there’s a small panel with a black jewel — unless of course, his Chain Chomp weapon and companion has been released from it. The size of a beach ball, and attached to the koopa’s armor by a thick chain, the sharp-toothed orb can be exceedingly dangerous to the duo’s opponents, able to be swung or move on its own.

His opposite arm is often found wrapped in sort of a cotton bandage, from the forearm down to the hand, though not wrapped around the fingers. As with most koopas, he wears a black leather collar, with a single pin closure, and studden with brass pyramids, turned on their side to be diamonds.

The koopa’s current outfit is fairly simple. Starting at the bottom, he wears a pair of well-worn sandals that show off much of his feet, though they’re bound securely with leather straps. Moving up, he wears a pair of creamy white cotton pants, accented along their sides with strips of brown with accents of gold spirals.

After the waist, he wears a simple, loose fitting linen robe that seems to drape over him for the most part. It does tend to obscure his features and accessories, which is perhaps the point. There’s a sash tied around his waist to keep it fit to him of the same material. The only other thing of note is the eyewear he has – burnished gold frames with rounded diamond-shaped lenses.


  • Sand Breath: Instead of fire, Victor spits up a grapefruit sized, brownish, sandy-textured rock-like projectile, that will explode violently after a second or two. It may also function as a contact explosive.
  • Dust Cloud Stomp: This is an improved version of the power stomp. Instead of only sending out a wave, a cloud containing sand-like particles will be produced. This can have blinding effects. In the case of him using this power on sandy ground, it doubles in range and power. He can’t use this on water.
  • Chain Chomp: Summoned from the seal on the back of his armored glove. It can move on its own, or swung by the chain. Like other Chomps, it’s practically invincible and can chew through just about anything. More in the background section.
  • Heat Generation
  • Heat / Sun Resistance

He also gains the following skills:

  • Chain Chomp care and use as a weapon
  • Desert survival
  • Calligraphy (At least as a part-time hobby)


All normal rank abilities, plus…

  • Base height increases by one foot.
  • One tail spine added.
  • General ability upgrade.


Everything from super rank, plus…

  • Base height increases by one (more) foot.
  • One (more) tail spine added.
  • General ability upgrade.
  • Sand elemental form.


The memories gained with this card are dusty (pun not intended). He primarily learns new skills, though outside of memories of being in the the desert are certainly there. (Whether this is in places such as SubCon, Koopahari, or Dry Dry Desert is still up in the air) One key ‘memory’ he gains is the bond he has with his Chomp, which normally resides in the seal on the back of his glove.

How exactly the two came to be bonded is unknown right now to Victor, but the Chomp is fiercely loyal, perhaps defensive as well, and the feeling is reciprocated. Memories of them saving each other’s life are part of it, and the Chomp acts more as a pet  than a weapon, though certainly it can perform the latter task.

The seal on the back of his glove is a special black stone that the Chomp stays in most of the time, and while inside, he essentially sleeps in his own pocket dimension. Victor only has to expend a little thought and energy to summon him, but usually does it by rubbing at the stone. If the stone were destroyed or broken it’s likely the Chomp would be released and not be too happy about the loss of it’s home.

Victor tends to be very quiet in this form, not prone to waste any words. His attitude is overall more serious and stoic. It will likely take more effort to get him to open up to someone.

In this form, Victor leans toward music for the flute and other wind instruments as a musical preference.


The original item for this form was the Chain Chomp, which first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3, but it wasn’t until (I believe) Mario Kart: Double Dash!! that it was turned into an item (which made it eligible). The reworked 5.1 version changes that to Rock Mushroom from Super Mario Galaxy and the Shine Sprite originally from Super Mario Sunshine.

His design was based somewhat on a character named Akhenemetra that a fellow fan designed but canned because others didn’t like it (Taps people generally don’t go for koopas, no surprise there); ironically, I aided in the design of that one, suggesting the yellow shell. In Super Mario World, if you held a yellow koopa shell in Yoshi’s mouth, you would cause small earthquakes with a little dust cloud to defeat enemies. Hence, the dust cloud stomp.

He’s been tremendously fun to play as, even if I don’t use his powers (that’s usually not the point anyway) too much — it’s simply the mindset it puts me in, matching myself to the personality. Desert winds over dunes with no one for miles around come to mind with it.

Why calligraphy? I’m not sure. It was one of those things that just seemed to fit with him.

Finally, yes, the Chomp does take after the design of them being dog-like and will bark. Oddly, I’m not the biggest dog fan in the world, but I wanted to stick to canon (such as it is).

Form of the month for August 2015.