Cosmic Koopa

I’m the best at space.


  • Card Combination: (Meta) + Star + Shooting Star
  • Height: 8′ 6″ (about 2.6 meters)
  • Weight: 1,986-2,203 lbs (about 900-1,000 kilograms)
  • Eyes: Sapphire
  • Horns: Standard
  • Hair: Black
  • Body Colors: Bronze, Red Gold
  • Shell: Onyx with five starburst (10 point star) pearlescent spines (five-point star formation)
  • Breath Type: Gravity (attraction/repulsion)


The sound of space shifting and warping might be the first thing you see when encountering Victor like this. At his usual eight and a half feet tall and as heavyset as ever, the koopa king tends to make quite an impression on standard-sized humanoids. The outsized koopa lord has plenty of mass packed onto his frame, often tipping the scales at a ton and then some from the combination of his huge shell, thick muscle, and girthy gut. Though his appearance is not too far removed from his regular self upon first glance, a few changes of note do make themselves apparent on further examination. The flecks of orange in his outer body scales are no longer present, replaced by his rich bronze color. The ventral ribbing common to royal koopas has become a reddish gold. His shell has taken on an onyx hue.

Starting at the top, his eyes are a rather intense sapphire blue now, his bushy black eyebrows still present. Proud and pearlescent devil-shaped horns sit in a mane of black curly hair. His facial scales are a dark copper, while his bulbous snout is now a light shade of brass. The tips of two fangs poke out from the sides of his top snout lip. His chin is rounded, and his wide neck is short. When he speaks, his voice is fittingly deep, often with a faint echo to it.

Moving further down, his massive body comes into view. His heavy build includes plenty of power in his arms, legs, and chest that are sheathed in durable scales. Complimenting those are his big, round, beach ball-like belly, which he’s fond of using in greeting. The testudine nature of his frame means his legs appear a little shorter, while his torso is bigger. His finger and toe claws match the pearlescent coloring of his horns. Tiger-like stripes appear on his arms and outer body. Of course, no koopa king would be complete without their shell, and Victor’s is certainly impressive; the plates are now a deep onyx, retaining the thick white “border” and featuring five starburst-shaped spines in a star formation. A stubby tail juts out from underneath, marked with stripes as seen elsewhere.

On his wrists, the koopa wears simple bracelets of metal; silver on his left, and gold on his right. Each bracelet has it’s edges rounded off to create a smooth, rounded appearance. The metal on each is polished to a satin finish. Curiously, neither seems to have any sort of way to remove them. He wears no collar as he usually does. He usually has a black laquered cane with him, and (sometimes) features a black top hat with a red ribbon around it.

His usual outfit is an ultra-crisp set of formal wear – suit, tie, pants, shoes all appearing almost unnaturally razor-sharp. His suit, instead of being tailored to fit between his back and shell, flows right out from the carapace somehow. It’s a flat jet black with shiny black cuff and front buttons set off with a brilliantly white, perfectly folded pocket square. Underneath this is a flawlessly pressed white dress shirt set with pearlescent buttons, the cuffs of which extend a precise quarter-inch past the end of the suit. Adorning his neck is a gold-yellow traditional tie, set with a (real) gold tie pin.

Coupled with his top half is a matching black pair of dress pants, impossibly immaculate in their presentation. Thin gold pinstripes run down the hem-lines on their sides. A thin black leather belt with a single pin, brushed silver square-shaped buckle cinches his waist. On his feet are dress socks and a pair of low-cut black dress shoes, the leather featuring a brilliant gloss to it.


  • Gravity Bomb Breath: Can either fire a small sphere that detonates into a circular field that either attracts or repulses matter, or a stream that does the same.
  • Gravity Stomp: Causes intense gravitational forces in a spherical radius around Victor (either attractive or repulsive).
  • Space Survival: Though it seems koopas don’t need any special equipment to survive in space (if Super Mario Galaxy is any indication), Victor needs no apparatus to survive in the most hazardous of conditions.


  • Base height increases by one foot.
  • One tail spine added.
  • General ability upgrade.
  • Spatial Manipulation: Can expand or contract space (with consequences as desired). Can links one point in space to another through spatial fissures; effectively creating a teleportation effect.
  • Cane changes to Star Rod.


  • Base height increases by another foot.
  • Second tail spine added.
  • General ability upgrade.
  • Black of suit may occasionally show spatial features (stars, nebula, etc.).


Koopas and space might’ve been strange together at one time, but no longer. As a cosmic koopa, Victor isn’t too interested in conquest or building cataclysm-causing factories; he’s more an explorer or tinkerer type. Some say he is actually a Star Spirit of some kind in this state, and perhaps that’s not far off the mark.

He seems to gravitate (pun not intended) toward music geared for meditation and the like.


Originally this form allowed Victor to effectively do whatever he wanted, though that was fairly boring and received very little use. A narrower focus on gravity manipulation helped makes it work better, though still is rather powergamey at its full expression.

The star is obviously first seen in the original Super Mario Bros. while the Shooting Star is from the Paper Mario series.

Form of the month for December 2015 – the year began with time, it ends with space. No, there was no planned coincidence with Star Wars VII.