Cloud Koopa

If you remember being showered with Spiny eggs or being fished out of lava by a koopa riding a cloud, you remember Lakitu (sometimes known as “that fucking cloud riding asshole”). This form is a mix of the little cloud-dwelling turtle with Victor’s usual self, making heavy use of cloud and lightning motifs.


  • Card Combination: (Foundation) + Cloud Flower / Jugem’s Cloud + Lightning Bolt / Thunder Rage / Thunder Cloud
  • Height: 8′ 6″ (about 2.6 meters)
  • Weight: 1,986-2,203 lbs (about 900-1,000 kilograms)
  • Eyes: Sky Blue
  • Horns: Standard
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Body Colors: Copper-Orange (outer), light honey (ventral)
  • Shell: Olive green & light green rings, no spines
  • Breath Type: Cloud
  • Notes: Three spiny pets, Thunder Rod


Whereas Victor usually walks about with a series of thuds, at the moment he’ll more than likely be seen with a different mode of locomotion: floating on a personal cloud. He’s as big as he usually is, though there are some other changes of note for the old turtle. These include his now dark brown hair and the patterning of concentric circles of light and dark green on his shell. His outer body has taken on a slightly more copper rather than bronze mix with his orange, while his ventral scales remain that light honey color. The black stripes on his forearms and legs have become more circular, wrapping around those powerful limbs.

His amber eyes have given way to sky blue ones, though they still exhibit tigrine traits. His thick eyebrows and semi-curly hair have changed to a medium shade of brown from the usual black (and is a little longer to boot). His horns remain unchanged from the classic royal koopa “devil” style. His face is now a slightly differing hue – more copper than bronze, while his bulbous snout is a light butter yellow. As usual, a pair of fangs poke out from his top snout lip. When he speaks, his voice is fittingly deep, yet usually rather calm, almost impassive-sounding.

As usual, his build can be best described by words like “girthy” and “bulky”; if that cloud of his could complain about his mass, it certainly would. Muscle-laden arms and legs complement his broad chest and bulbous belly as usual; though his arms seem large in contrast to said legs due to his testudine nature. His tail remains stubby, with some striping across the top near the base. The expected claws on the end of the thick digits are present, ivory in color like his horns. His white-lipped carapace is as big as ever, though he lacks his usual shell decor. With its concentric circles of alternating dark and light green, it appears the most Lakitu-ish feature on him.

The old turtle wears a fairly simple outfit. On top, he can usually be spotted with skydiver’s goggles strapped around his head, with clear lenses. Over his body he wears a green jacket, the collar of which is black and follows with a stripe of an inch or two in width all the way down the coat. Large silver-colored zippers are present, allowing him to adjust to the weather — sleeves folded back if it’s hot, extended if not. There’s also a zippered pocket over the left side of his chest. It seems a bit more intended for looks than for keeping out the cold though.

Over his legs, the koopa has a black pair of cargo pants, with green stripes of the same color of his jacket running down the sides of his legs. An ankle-length pair of brown boots finishes off his attire.

On his wrists and ankles, the koopa wears bands of large, round copper beads. The balls have a decent shine to them, indicating that they’re cared for well enough. The bands fit snugly, judging from how little they move when he does, if at all. Around his neck, instead of a collar, he wears a necklace with a dark brown leather string, and five copper beads of various sizes, the largest in the middle. A silver colored ring adorns his right hand.

What’s likely more interesting is what usually rides long with him on his cloud: three Spinys, one the traditional red shell, another that’s green, and a smaller one with a black shell.


Victor’s abilities change to be more in line with the Lakitu theme in this form.

  • Clouds: Obviously not your ordinary collection of water vapor as it exhibits anti-gravity properties sufficient enough to carry Victor and anything stored within. They do tend to degrade over time, so must be replenished. Certain conditions will accelerate their deterioration (e.g. high heat).
    • Cloud storage: A seemingly infinite amount of Spiny eggs can be pulled out of the cloud and tossed. Other items can be stored and retrieved at will from cloudspace.
    • Weather effects: When used in conjunction with Victor’s Thunder Rod, lightning can be generated of various intensities. Like lightning effects in Mario Kart, it can cause shrinking for a time.
    • Density control: Victor can alter the density of clouds to have them operate with different textures; normal rank clouds usually feel like memory foam, but can be quite air-like. This can lead to amusing times if others inhale his cloudstuff.
    • Manipulation: Victor can freely manipulate his cloud’s shape and movement, though this requires him to have line of sight.
  • Cloud Breath: Victor’s default fire breath is replaced by the ability to breathe more cloudstuff.
  • Chain Lightning (Super Rank and above): Using the spheres to redirect the lightning he produces can lead to some tricky setups to better catch unaware targets.
  • Eggs: Victor can throw any number of these with the expected result of either the eggs themselves doing damage, or the Spiny inside presenting a hazard.
  • Fishing Pole: It’s in there somewhere…

Victor’s other powers (strength, durability, stomp, etc.) remain much the same; a particularly effective technique is to use the cloud to gain altitude to create an especially strong ground pound.


At Super Rank, the following changes occur:

  • Four metallic spheres hover behind to use in chain lightning (see below)
  • Ability to toss Piranha Plant eggs
  • Cloud manipulation ability increases (size, speed, etc.). Density maximum increases to a silicone-like material.
  • Cloud breath upgrade.


At Ultra Rank, Victor gets more upgrades:

  • Spheres increase from four to eight.
  • Cloud manipulation ability increases; can now control regular clouds / water vapor. Density maximum increases to hard rubber.
  • Cloud breath upgrade.
  • Cloud elemental form – Victor can completely or partially become like his clouds.


Lakisnow: By substituting an Ice Flower or Snow Cloud for the last item, Victor will sport a more wintery flavor. This allows for the production of snow, sleet, and hail. Super and Ultra Rank variants can produce more volume and intensity of these effects. Victor’s outfit will change to a gray parka, pants, and hat.


The cloud is the main highlight of this form. Of course, it’s not your standard mass of water vapor, being able to bear his weight and then some. It has a spongy and soft texture. The density can alter to support plenty of weight, though use of the cloud breath (to create more material) is necessary for heavier weights and to maintain it over time.

Like standard clouds though, it can absorb water or other liquids, and then rain it on a target. It can also absorb electricity and radiate that as well. It can be reshaped as desired either through manual manipulation, or mental control.

The cloud also has great storage capacity. Victor usually rides with his Spiny pets King (a large male red shelled Spiny), Queen (an even larger female green shelled Spiny), and Jack (a smaller male black shelled Spiny). Jack is the youngest and most curious, though after sniffing someone he’ll usually bolt. King and Queen are both fairly sociable, though lazy (unless food is involved, then they all will likely show).

The cloud breath is multi-purpose: it can add to the cloud, spat in balls to smack into things, or obfuscate an area.

Like the Wing Shell card, this form isn’t well suited to indoor locales. He is however, fantastically lazy (as most people would be with their own personal cloud). He likes to float himself high up in the air and bask, smoke, eat, or whatever else away from the noise of the everyday world on occasion.

His favorite music type in this form is lounge and downtempo.


Jugem is the Japanese name for Lakitu, and the cloud was an item you could get in Super Mario Bros. 3. It would let you skip over a level.

The outfit comes from seeing a red jacket at the Gap I thought was interesting; I changed it to green since the lightning bolt form has a red outfit already.

I had thoughts about making this form a sort of “journalist” with the Spinys being camera crew or something, but passed. Maybe that will figure in more later.

The Spinys are cute, aren’t they?

This form was chosen for the form of the month for April 2014.