“Classroom mode. For adult (re-)education sessions.”
Education is a life long endeavor. At least, that’s the motto shown on a motivational poster near the door and the controls for the room. Indeed, the room is currently configured as an adult education classroom, with three tables on both the left and right sides, and two seats at each of these tables. These seats and tables are positioned to view the front of the room, where a large electronic whiteboard is mounted. Desktop computers with flat panel monitors sit atop the tables.

The front quarter of the room is subtly elevated to let the instructor be better seen. Besides the whiteboard, are a number of interesting pieces of equipment. First, there’s an instructor’s computer, connected to a projector suspended from the ceiling. Second, there are a number of more…interesting items, some under clear lucite display cases. These include some assorted vials, a helmet with a number of LEDs on it, and one old looking device labelled “feraliminal lycanthropizer”. Finally, there’s a large recliner up at the front for live demonstrations.

As far the student accomodations, the work tables are fairly large and lacquered in black. The chairs are also rather comfortable, and come in a variety of configurations to suit different sizes and species. An under the table drawer for each student is also present at each station for storage of notes, writing instruments, and other items.