Chrono Koopa

Ever had a dream where you moved through time?


  • Card Combination: (Meta) + Star + Stopwatch
  • Height: 8′ 6″ (about 2.6 meters)
  • Weight: 1,986-2,203 lbs (about 900-1,000 kilograms)
  • Eyes: Amber
  • Horns: Normal
  • Hair: Black & Grey
  • Body Colors: Copper/Bronze, Honey
  • Shell: Olive with ten cone spines (two columns of three, center column of four)
  • Breath Types: Time


Victor seems to be relatively similar to his usual self, though somehow…older. Retaining his eight and a half feet height (and maybe girth) the old koopa’s looking as big and bulky as ever, but grey in his hair and the darkening of his outer scales suggests he’s aged somewhat. The orange scales he has in his usual form seem to have given way to the bronze, the former now almost undetectable on him. Despite looking older, the koopa king definitely looks as strong as ever; his strong arms and legs are sheathed in that deep metallic brown color while his hefty chest features his usual honey-colored ribbing. His black arm stripes are harder to see now, though are still present.

The most notable changes on his head are the addition of a wrinkle or two as well as his now salt and pepper hair; otherwise he seems much the same. Reflective amber eyes with black pupils are the other highlight of his face, while thick black eyebrows flecked with white match his short, thick, and semi-curly hair that sits between two devil-like ivory horns. His face is a dark bronze, while his bulbous snout is a light butter yellow. The tips of two fangs poke out from the sides of his top snout lip. His chin is rounded, and his wide neck is short. His voice seems to have grown slightly deeper, though also slightly quieter.

Despite appearing older, Victor certainly hasn’t lost any of his physicality; fully in possession of his one ton plus mass, the koopa lord’s sizeable musculature (and that perennial round middle of his) haven’t diminished in the least. The heavy build includes plenty of power in his arms, legs, and chest that are sheathed in his tough scales, though his big, round, beach ball-like belly is more likely to be noticed first by most. Large, clawed fingers and toes feature prominently at the end of hefty, scale-sheathed arms and legs. His seemingly trademarked huge, white-lipped, olive-green carapace that makes him a koopa remains firmly in place. Said shell is adorned with cone-shaped spines, ten in all, colored the same as his claws. His arm stripes have taken on a different pattern: A single wide stripe down the arms, with short “branches” leading off of them.

Atop his head rests a brown bowler hat with a darker brown hat band. The black-framed oval lenses of his glasses sit atop his snout, letting him view the world. A canary yellow button-up pinpoint dress shirt with a black crossover continental tie is complemented by a brown vest with silver buttons. Matching brown pants with a black belt and black shoes finish off his outfit.

The brass chain of a pocketwatch that rests in his vest pocket is one of his notable accessories, followed by his usual collar, wristbands, and anklebands; these now are one piece smooth thick black metal rings with the Roman numerals for one through twelve stamped evenly, though faintly, in a copper color. He’ll often be seen with a lacquered cane of lacquered wood with a brass knob top. A silver colored ring adorns his right hand.


Victor’s abilities become more time-based:

  • Time breath: Causes the struck target to stop, slow, or speed up.
  • Time stomp: Causes slow.
  • Pocket watch: Can be used to store multiple “time charges” then used to prolong the effects (e.g. store five slow breaths).
  • Invulnerable to his own effects, and resistant to time alteration.


All base abilities, plus…

  • Tail spine added.
  • General ability upgrade.
  • Ability to drain time via touch (can be stored into pocketwatch)
  • Immunity to the time alteration of others.


All super rank features, plus…

  • Second tail spine added.
  • General ability upgrade.
  • Save State: Allows Victor to set a point in time, then return to it. Maximum of 15 minutes.
  • Absorbs time alteration effects of others.


Generally prefers to observe and keep to himself.


Initially modeled after Gaspar from Chrono Trigger. The Star is pretty obvious (originating in Super Mario Bros.) and the Stopwatch is from Super Mario Bros. 2 (US).

The first form created in 2015 and featured in January 2015 as part of a “New Year” theme.