Broxton Bakery

“Broxton Bakery. Serving up delicious baked goods you can’t turn down!”
For sweets and treats lovers, Broxton Bakery is a mecca all its own. A cozy place, the floors are done in walnut wood, while the shelves are done in a rich cherry. The lights are warm, and a little light music is played. The air smells of pastries, cakes, cookies, and other goodies in various stages of production. A white ice cream case, lit with fluorescents, houses around a dozen different flavors, and a display of cone and bowl sizes sit atop it. Flanked on either side are stands with small bags of different classic candies — malted milk balls, candy corn, lollipops, and many more.

Sure, the ice cream and candies are there, but Broxton is first and foremost a bakery. And what a bakery it is! Next to the ice cream case is another filled with ice cream cakes small to large, each expertly coated in layers of frosting and available for customization. On the shelves are a huge range of cookies, cakes, turnovers, cupcakes, pies, and specialty breads. Many are decorated with brightly colored, luscious frostings and icings, rich chunks of chocolate, or other savory sweet things.

Just a few other details are to be noticed in the old-timey store. There’s a few tables about for having coffee and croissants in the morning with a friend or two. The cash register looks like it’s straight from the early 1900’s. The [controls] for the area are hidden under said register. Finally, there’s another feature of Broxton’s that takes the…’culture’ of the land into account: at least three backrooms, each with a liberal coat of plastic, for those who would like to indulge in the aphrodesiac qualities of the many delicious treats available in a more intimate way.