Boo Koopa

He’s a ghost with a shell.


  • Card Combination: (Meta) + Boo Mushroom + Boo
  • Height: Variable (usually 8+ feet) (about 2.6 meters)
  • Weight: Variable
  • Eyes: Red
  • Horns: White, variable
  • Hair: Black
  • Body Colors: White, Black, Red
  • Shell: White with variable spines
  • Breath Types: n/a


Victor has become rather pale. Assuming he hasn’t changed from his native form, he’s still a good eight feet tall and fairly big around, just like his plain self. If you can get under his clothes, you’d see he still has his usual striping on his tail and shoulders, but…something’s not quite right. Maybe it’s the way his now red eyes look. Maybe it’s the beyond albino white of the majority of his form, broken only by some reds and jet black. It might also be that he’s likely floating. Indeed, it’d be easy to say that Victor is rather ghost-like right now, but oddly enough, he can be quite solid, if rubbery in a way.

His eyes have gone rather red, save for the black pupils within. He retains his thick black eyebrows, though his hair is now slicked back. His horns appear to be roughly the same as before, but completely white. His face is also that perfect white, along with his snout. A pair of fangs poke out from his top snout lip. Almost toonishly though, there are highlights of black to outline and help distinguish his features. His voice, when he bothers to use it instead of simply showing what he means, is a little higher pitched than his usual.

As usual, he seems to have a pretty good size to him, both in muscle and simply roundness in the belly (maybe a little more so than his usual). Being testudine, his body is a little large in proportion to his limbs, which includes a stubby tail with some striping across the top near the base. As you’d expect of a koopa, his fingers (and toes, should he bother to manifest legs) feature claws on the end of the thick digits, but they’ve become as white as he is. His shell is as toonish as the rest of him, all white but outlined with black lines, his usual spines now in red.

Ghosts may not really need clothes, but Victor seems to have a variation of his usual tuxedo vest and tie on, with matching pants if he actually bothers to have legs. The vest is the same black seen on his body, just as the tie is the same shade of red. Upon close examination, these seem to be a part of him, perhaps a manifestation of shape changing ability. The only color variation is the silver colored ring adorns his right hand.

As far as his collar, when it’s visible he appears to have what looks like a standard Koopa collar, spikey and about an inch or two wide. Upon closer inspection though, no buckle is seen, and it appears perfectly black with perfectly white studs. There’s also no gap between the collar and his neck, if you look closely enough.


Victor undergoes some rather spectral changes in this form.

  • Shapeshifting: What it says on the tin, though is limited to his three colors.
  • Floating: Victor tends to hover some feet above the ground, and can float higher. However, increased densities limit how fast or high he can go.
  • FP/MP Draining: Drains the “fuel” for magic or special abilities. Works faster if target is swallowed.

There is no breath weapon (though getting in range of his tongue is dangerous enough given its aptitude for pulling victims into his gut to squirm around). Also, there’s a…marginal amount of insanity likely resulting from the whole “being dead” thing that comes out from time to time.


Everything from Normal Rank, plus:

  • One tail spine added.
  • General ability upgrade.
  • Density Changing: Can be nearly intangible (enough to pass through ordinary walls) to light and airy to the density of extremely hard rubber. This can also cause a degree of invisibility.
  • Possession: With physical contact, Victor can possess and control the living.


Everything from Super Rank, plus:

  • One more extra tail spine.
  • General ability upgrade.
  • Star Power Draining: Devours spirit when a target is swallowed.



Replacing the Boo with the Fire Flower allows Victor to use ghost flame, eerie purple-colored fire that can be suspended in the air. These flame points can be teleported to, and cause more status effects than physical damage.


Again replacing the Boo in the third slot, this form is focused more on traps and trickery.


With a cache of extra lives, you’d think it’s not possible for Victor to be “dead”. Ignoring that, he has a penchant for “redistributing” items, terrorizing the guilty (read: anyone he feels like), and absorbing FP (the Mario equivalent of MP).


Boos are both an item and a species, and their use as an item first showed up in Super Mario Kart, where they would turn you invisible and steal an item for you. It’s showed up in the Mario Party series too. I deliberated on using either this or a modification of the invisibility hat (from Super Mario 64), but there was more design possibilities with the former.

This was originally developed for Halloween, and I was hoping it’d get more use, but it quickly got relegated to the dust bin. Dusting it off, I realized it wasn’t that bad, it just needed some work. In the old incarnation, he couldn’t speak at all, but I decided to kill that off.

The 5.x refresh changed the outfit but kept much of the original material, even if abilities were changed. The Boo Sheet/Mushroom (Paper Mario/Super Mario Galaxy, respectively) conferred some ghostly abilities, while the Boo (Super Mario Kart) stole items.

Form of the month for October 2015, for obvious reasons.