Bloopa / Merkoopa

While Victor can manage swimming and the like easily enough, there are times when a form more suited to the water works better. When that need arises, this Blooper-inspired form allows Victor to traverse the seas and oceans with ease.


  • Card Combination: (Foundation) + Frog Suit + Blooper
  • Height: Upper Body: 6′ 6″ (about 1.98 meters), Lower Body: Starts at 8′ (about 2.4 meters)
  • Weight: 2,400-2,600 lbs (about 1,088-1,179 kilograms)
  • Eyes: Gold
  • Horns: Blooper-like head ridge
  • Hair: None
  • Body Colors: White, Pale Violet
  • Shell: White, Ruddy Orange
  • Breath Types: Sonar/Sonic, Ink, Water
  • Notes: Anchor, Pets: Cheep Cheep (Normal Rank), Jelectro (Super Rank), Big Bertha (Ultra Rank)


Apparently a very versatile species, Victor’s current form looks like something better suited for living underwater; a sort of “merkoopa” as it were. Besides his colors changing, the most striking change to the old turtle is the absence of his legs, replaced instead by six thick and quite long tentacles, not dissimilar to a familar squid-like species. The scales coating his outer body have changed to a smokey white, while his ventral bands are now a light shade of violet. Strangely, even out of the water, his scales appear smooth and glossy, taking on a bit of a rubbery (or is that blubbery?) texture. His big green shell is now white with ruddy orange striping, familiar tiles replaced by a nautilus spiral shape inside the familiar thick ivory rim.

Taking a close look up top, his hair & horns have been replaced by a pointed, blooper-like crown on top. Said crown’s edge features a blue-violet hue. His white face features bright, golden eyes (replete with nictitating membranes), though a mask of black surrounds them. He retains his bushy black eyebrows. His snout, still in it’s usual koopish shape, is a pale violet like his ventral bands. His voice seems a shade or two deeper than its usual pitch.

The koopa king retains his large build up top, featuring quite the koopa ideal of plenty of bulbous, Thwomp-pressing muscle in his arms and chest. Most of this sheathed in very light grey-colored scales, though his usual black stripes are now replaced with splotches of dark blue and purple until they reach his hands and wrists, which are entirely that color. That all goes with his typical rotund belly, most of that doughy mass under his thickly banded, pale violet ventral scales. Below his waist is a full set of six smoke-white tentacles, four featuring spaded ends, and two capped with sucker-ends. These are speckled with splotches of blue and purple, the sucker tentacles having “bells” of the same color as his hands. His shell, now a creamy white with ruddy orange stripes, quite resembles a nautilus with it’s spiraling structure. Interestingly, his skin is smooth, a bit rubber-like to the touch, and some gill slits can be seen if one looks hard enough under his arms.

He doesn’t wear much in the way of clothing; just a simple purple sash of sorts around his ‘waist’, fastened with a large shell pin.

The “bloopa” currently wears a set of wooden bracelets on his wrists, the surfaces polished and smooth. The wood tone is darkly stained, and to keep them from coming off, there’s a strand of brown leather that ties the undersides. There are a few simple patterns carved into the wood and painted black, markings representing waves for the most part. A matching pair of anklets can be found near his feet. He wears no collar or necklace as he usually does. A silver colored ring adorns his right hand.


Obviously, Victor’s abilities in this form are rather water-based:

  • Hydrokinesis: At normal rank, this lets him swim faster, manipulate an average swimming pool’s worth of water, and maintain a personal water sphere. Higher ranks improve this ability all around.
  • Ink: Victor may squirt ink at any rank, though volume (and perhaps potency) increases with Super and Ultra Ranks. It’s possible he may use the ink to mark his subjects in some fashion.
  • Echolocation: Using sonic breath ability.
  • Underwater vision: Can have eyes open due to membrane.
  • Draining/Absorbing: His more Gooper Blooper-like “socket” tentacles let him drain a victim’s energy, making them tired. Can also be used to drain a target’s will, eventually rendering them pliant to the sea lord’s rule.
  • Water Breathing: Of course.

Of course, this form does have drawbacks:

  • He must make contact with water every so often and keep at least somewhat hydrated. Further ranking up creates more need.
  • He still does not like cold, though in the water he can tolerate it better.
  • Electricity may be a problem at lower ranks.
  • Many of his usual shell-based abilities are not usable.
  • No power stomps (though slapping his spaded tentacles has somewhat the same effect).
  • Tentacles less durable than the rest of him.


Not too many changes at super rank…

  • Crustacean-like plates with a rough texture appear on his shoulders and over the top of his arms.
  • Hover: Mimicking an ability some Bloopers have been known to use, this lets him float in the air. Not used much; he’d rather create water spouts or bubbles.
  • Water elemental: Can become watery.
  • General power-up of base abilities.
  • Slight growth (1/4 foot)


More dramatic changes occur here.

  • A water medallion adorns his sash.
  • Create Water (Ultra Rank only): In areas where water is scarce, he may create or summon it.
  • Water Elemental Transformation (Ultra Rank only): Instead of just manipulating water, this lets him turn into said element entirely.
  • Crustacean-like ruddy-orange plates adorn his chest.
  • General power up of base abilities.
  • Slight growth (1/4 foot).


None right now.


The original merkoopa form was a pretty standard fishtail modification; nothing special. This new form was inspired by the Blooper item in Mario Kart DS.

The 5.1 redesign wasn’t too extreme; mostly color changes. “Bloopa” seems like a better name.

Selected as June 2014’s form of the month.