Bee Koopa

If you’re going to sweeten your tea properly, you’re going to need authentic bee koopa honey.


  • Card Combination: (Foundation) + Bee Mushroom + Honey Syrup
  • Height: 8′ 6″ (about 2.6 meters)
  • Weight: 1,986-2,203 lbs (about 900-1,000 kilograms)
  • Eyes: Amber
  • Horns: “Antennae” shaped
  • Hair: n/a
  • Body Colors: Yellow / Black, Brown
  • Shell: Yellow & Black (concentric rings), bee-style wings, single pyramid-shaped spine in center
  • Breath Types: Honey & Wax


The sound of buzzing, iridescent wings is usually what gives Victor’s presence away in this configuration, though they don’t seem to grant true flight. Still his usual eight and a half feet tall and possessing his oversized girth, he’s adopted some rather apoidean features. The tiger-like stripes on his powerful arms and legs have given way to concentric rings of yellow and black; while his considerable chest and belly’s ventral scales have become a dark shade of brown. He often smells of sweet honey, though something…more exotic that’s hard to pin down too.

His eyes still remain their same amber color with black pupils, though the sclera surrounding them has changed from white to black, seeming to intensify that almost golden color. Thick, bushy black eyebrows match his shortened, straighter black hair brushed forward, out of which sprouts two black antennae-like “horns”, small spherical “caps” easily spotted on the ends. His face remains dark bronze, while his bulbous snout matches the bee yellow seen elsewhere. The tips of two fangs poke out from the sides of his top snout lip. His chin is rounded, and his wide neck is short. His voice remains deep, though possesses much more hints of a seductive, alluring quality that his usual self isn’t always given to…though is equally quick to display annoyance.

Retaining his usual mass and size gives the wings upon his shell a seemingly impossible task; given how much he remains on the ground they may not be completely functional. Nonetheless, the beekoopa is as formidable as ever; even casual glances at his impressive form will confirm its more than ample might. Looking closer, it seems as though there are “sleeves” of harder material now enveloping his forearms and lower legs, ending at the wrists and ankles respectively. Finger and toeclaws have turned black to match his horns as well. Upon his back is his ever-present shell, now decorated in concentric rings of yellow and black as well as his wings. Sitting alone between these wings is a single pyramid-shaped spine. Travelling further down, the beekoopa’s tail is quite different; it’s larger, more bulbous, and comes complete with a decidedly pointed stinger at the end.

His outfit of choice is a brown leather jacket or vest, a patch over the left pec with a bee symbol on it, not even bothering with a shirt underneath. From the waist down, the beekoop prefers a simple pair of black cargo pants.

Instead of the usual bracelets, anklets, and collar, the beekoopa curiously has naturally occurring accessories: rings of white fuzz around his neck, wrists, and ankles. He’ll also usually have a pair of nylon-frame sports sunglasses on, with streamlined, red-tinted lenses. Accompanying him all too often is a light brown honeypot, which he’ll often be seen idly stirring. A silver colored ring adorns his right hand.


Decidedly more apoidean features are present in this form:

  • Honey Breath: Produces a thick honey syrup which tends to have addicting and mind-altering properties. This is usually diluted, as straight from the tap stuff is usually extremely sweet (and potent).
  • Wax Breath: Makes a sticky, quick-drying, warm wax product that can be used for several purposes.
  • Stinger: Can cause temporary paralysis with venom, though can take some time to “recharge”.
  • Limited Hover: Victor can use his wings to hover/glide short distances for about 5-10 seconds.


All base abilities, plus…

  • Base height increases by half a foot.
  • Tail spine added.
  • Breath abilities upgraded.
  • Limited flight, unlimited hover.
  • Stinger potency and speed increased.


All super rank features, plus…

  • Base height increases another half a foot.
  • Second tail spine added.
  • Breath abilities upgraded.
  • Stinger upgraded.
  • Unlimited flight; double-set of wings.


None right now.


The Bee Mushroom was first seen in Super Mario Galaxy, while Honey Syrup was first seen in Super Mario RPG.

The first form created in 2014 and featured in March 2014.