“Arena mode. For THE FIGHTING!”
For those that like things a little more “hands on” than the game room mode’s virtual reality battle simulator, there’s the arena mode. A mini-colosseum of sorts, everything is quite simple and direct in design. There’s areas for people to watch (both common and privileged), two entrances at opposite ends for contestants, a hard packed dirt floor, and one large ring in the center of the area marking out a boundary for those brave enough to step inside. The air is pleasant, and smells a little of earth.

Taking a closer look at the stands, there’s the run of the mill benches for those that like to be close to the action, but not quite in it. For those that like being above it all, there are a few box seats available, with catering provided if desired while those inside watch over the arena below. On the floor of the dusty battleground, things are kept simple. A simple straw & rice ring circle lies on the floor of the arena, waiting for contestants to enter and prove their mettle. Of course, if this is too simple of a layout, the controls for the room can simulate a number of opponents, should training be desired, or simulate different battle conditions.

Something decidedly not antique about this place is the array of odd weapons available to fighters. Not present are swords and clubs of metal meant to cut and smash; in their place are instruments of tough grey plastic with glowing highlights of green, blue, red, and other neon colors. These electronic instruments take the form of swords, clubs, gloves, and other weapons, their colored contact areas humming when switched on. They don’t look like they’d be able to do much physical damage; but as a sign explains, striking with the proper contact areas will have the effect of disrupting normal neural activity. With enough hits, the victim will lose their free will and become rather…suggestible for a time, perhaps becoming a fine prize for the winner.