Android Hell

“Android Hell is a real place, and you will be turned into a machine at the slightest sign of defiance.”
Stepping into this area is quite a shock. Surrounded by constructions of metal, plastic, rubber, and other materials, you seem to be in a futuristic factory of sorts — or at least a simulation thereof. Steam routinely fires off from some escape valve somewhere in the complex, and it’s warm and humid. Whirrs, buzzes, crackles, and other mechanical noises can be heard throughout. Smells of chemicals, metals, and oils are dominant. Tubes filled with black, silver, and translucent (some even fluorescent) substances wind their ways around the compound.

What may also come as a shock is what the factory seems to be producing: cyborgs, androids, and robots of almost every size and shape. What’s more, it’s a common sight to see cybernetically enhanced beings guiding more organic ones to a chamber, presumably to undergo the same modifications or for some heavy programming. The latter generally look too glazed over to put up much of a struggle against this treatment. On occasion, the situation is reversed.

It’s easy enough to slip into one of the chambers designed for this purpose since there are so many. Inside are a variety of futuristic tools, and sets of [controls] and monitors. It appears you can do your own modifications with the tools provided, or have the process automated. A large table, designed to conform to almost any species with a few button presses and also constrain them while modifications are done, is also present.