Hypnotrivia Rules


 What is It

Hypnotrivia (aka Holiday Hypnotrivia) is a lewd game for adults played on the internet for fun and profit. Contestants take turns trying (and inevitably failing) to answer trivia questions from a broad variety of topics in a (vain) attempt to win glory and prizes.


  • At least 3 contestants (6+ preferred)
  • At least 2 assistants (6+ preferred)
  • Host
  • Ability to watch/listen to stream
  • Ability to answer questions (text or voice)
  • Question board, contestants row questions, final showdown prompt, scoreboard

Setup & Contestants Row

Contestants will (ideally) be assigned an “assistant” (the contestants & assistants should confer with each other to select which ones they’re comfortable with).

All contestants, assistants, and spectators need to be able to watch and listen to the stream, which will be here [mixer.com]. They should also all be in one chat area (F-Chat or Discord).

To determine who will be playing in the trivia rounds, a “contestants row” pre-round is held. This is usually modeled after The Price is Right where contestants place guesses on what they think a named item or set of items is worth. The top three contestants closest to the correct price (or who score the highest) move on to the first round of trivia.

This process can be repeated after round one to select a new round of contestants for round two, if there are enough players.

Assistants (up to three) privately message the host to pick a secret square (one per assistant). These squares, if the contestant answers the associated question, grant one time use bonuses (see below for possibilities).

Trivia Rounds

Each contestant will start the round with one “screw” and one “ask the audience”. The former can be used to force another contestant to answer the question you picked, but if they get it right, you get double punishment. Ask the audience is pretty much what it says on the tin, allowing the contestant to solicit audience feedback (within 20 seconds). Ask the Audience cannot be used when you get screwed.

  1. During the trivia rounds turns are rotated. The first place finisher from contestants row gets to go first, then the second place goes second, and so on.
  2. The contestant picks a category and value.
  3. The question will be shown on stream, then the contestant has 10 seconds to answer.
  4. If they answer correctly, the points will be added to their score, and their turn is over. If they fail, they get 10% added to their “punishment meter”, and every 20% their assigned assistant will administer increasing hypnotic treatments. Contestants need to respond to these actions. Suggested length of actions (both from assistants and contestants) is half to full paragraph (3-5 sentences). This may be adjusted as needed for the number of players, time available, and so on.
  5. If the contestant misses, other contestants can jump in to answer. The same rules apply regarding correct and incorrect responses.
  6. If a contestant hits 100%, a final “treatment” will be administered. The contestant is entranced for the round and can’t answer, but does keep their score.
  7. When either all contestants hit 100% or all questions are answered, the round ends and scores will be totaled. Unused screws and ask the audiences as well as found bonuses may be converted into minor score bonuses (10 points each).

Other gotchas:

  • The host is the final authority on whether an answer will be accepted or not.
  • If the host mistakenly reveals an answer to a contestant, they will automatically get the points.
  • If a contestant disconnects for longer than 10 minutes, they may be replaced or forfeit, according to the host’s discretion. Disconnecting after a question is revealed will automatically apply a standard penalty.
  • If the same contestants from round one are playing in round two, the second contestants’ row will be replaced with a bonus round of questions.

Final Showdown

The top two scoring contestants in the trivia rounds will advance to the final round (or if the contestants are the same, all three). During this round they will be provided with a single prompt to respond to. They must private message their response to the host, who will scramble the order and paste them back into the main channel. Contestants will have 7 minutes to complete this. Responses must NOT include who wrote them.

Any non-contestant may then vote on the response they most like. Votes are worth 10 points each, except for assistant votes, which are worth 30, and the host vote, which is worth 100.

Final score tallying will then be done and rewards handed out:

  • First place finisher gets to pick two Steam keys.
  • First place assistant then gets to pick two Steam keys.
  • Second place finisher is next and picks one Steam key, followed by second place assistant picking one Steam key.
  • Third place finisher is next and picks one Steam key, followed by third place assistant picking one Steam key.
  • Other assistants will get one key each.
  • Other participants to receive keys at host’s discretion.

Steam Key list


Chaos on Deponia
King Arthur’s Gold
Nether: Resurrected
Skulls of the Shogun
Super 3-D Noah’s Ark
Street Racing Syndicate
StuntMANIA Reloaded
Death Rally (Classic)
Jet Racing Extreme
RC Mini Racers
Ford Racing 3
Monster Truck Destruction
Drift Streets Japan
JDM Racer Tuning
Cards and Castles
Space Thinger
Steamalot: Epoch’s Journey
Hero of the Kingdom II
Night Blights
The Last Door 2: Season 2 – Collector’s Edition
16 Bit Trader
BlackSmith HIT
Cat on a Diet
Mahjong Huntress
Shut Eye
Sinless + OST
Teddy Floppy Ear – Kayaking
Teddy Floppy Ear – Mountain Adventure
Teddy Floppy Ear – The Race
The Dolls: Reborn
The Dweller
Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!
Scrap Garden
The Little Acre
Void & Meddler – Episode 1
Void & Meddler – Soundtrack Ep. 1 DLC
Western 1849 Reloaded
Cold Dreams
Cross Set
KRUM – Edge of Darkness
Lost Moon
Lumber Island – That Special Place
Three Digits
Dead Effect
Dino D-Day
Zeno Clash
Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2
Super 3-D Noah’s Ark
Fractal: Make Blooms Not War
Our Love Will Grow
Stacks TNT
The Dwarf Run
Centauri Sector
Crowman & Wolfboy
Defend the Highlands
Galactic Inheritors
Story of the Survivor
Kingdom Rush
Kingdom Rush
Pixel Piracy
Pixel Piracy
PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate
PixelJunk Shooter
Secrets of Raetikon
Velocity Ultra
Better Late than Dead
Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn
Cross of the Dutchman
Dead Effect 2
Star Ruler 2
Death by Game Show
Guardians of Ember
Guardians of Ember – Wings In-Game Content
Manual Samuel
Shark Attack Deathmatch 2
Aarklash: Legacy
Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition
Warhammer 40,000: Regicide
Industry Giant 2
Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade
The Last Express Gold Edition
The Princess’ Heart
Zoo Empire
Sudden Strike Gold
System Shock: Enhanced Edition
Shoppe Keep
SpellForce 2 – Anniversary Edition
STALKER: Clear Sky
STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl
Styx: Master of Shadows
Tropico 5
Marble Duel
Blue Estate The Game
Dead Effect
Dead Effect 2
Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh
Neverending Nightmares
Odallus: The Dark Call
Shark Attack Deathmatch 2
Space Rangers HD A War Apart
Another Perspective
Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey
Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition
1931: Scheherazade at the Library of Pergamum
One Night Stand
Pastry Lovers
The Inner Darkness
Disciples Sacred Lands Gold
Eador: Genesis
Ghost Master®
Heroes of Annihilated Empires
Jagged Alliance – Back in Action
Knights and Merchants
Prime World: Defenders
Puzzle Kingdoms
War of the Human Tanks
A Blind Legend
Stay Dead Evolution
The Grandfather
Age of Fear 2: The Chaos Lord
Gold Rush! Anniversary
Making History: The Great War
Skulls of the Shogun
Super Splatters
Jet Racing Extreme
Noir Syndrome


Adventure Apes and the Mayan Mystery
Anna’s Quest
AquaSnap Window Manager (2 Pack)
Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting – Enhanced
Divinia Chronicles: Relics of Gan-Ti
Panda School Browser
Spaceforce Rogue Universe HD
Survive on Mars
Techwars Online
The Hive
Warhammer Quest
Wild Season
Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal

Humble Bundle

Duck Game
Small Radios Big Televisions
Hand of Fate
The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
Ace Combat Assault Horizon – Enhanced Edition
Beware Planet Earth!
Star Trek
Broken Sword: Director’s Cut
Waking Mars
Todoist Premium 1 year subscription
Lethal League
Octodad: Dadliest Catch
Regency Solitaire
Super Time Force Ultra
The Beginners Guide
A Virus Named Tom
Brutal Legend
Eets Munchies
FTL: Faster Than Light
Mark of the Ninja
Trine 2: Complete Story
Company of Heroes 2 – The Western Front Armies: Oberkommando West
Dreamcast Collection
Empire: Total War
Miles’ Tactic for Football Manager 2015
NiGHTS Into Dreams
Sonic Generations
Total War: ROME II – Caesar in Gaul DLC
Viking: Battle for Asgard
Choice Chamber
Drawful 2
Hotspot Shield – Elite VPN 5 devices/1 year
Monstercat Twitch License
Absolute Drift
Bulb Boy
Craft the World
Soul Axiom
Viscera Cleanup Detail
Viscera Cleanup Detail – House of Horror DLC
Amnesia: Dark Descent
Thomas Was Alone
Human: Fall Flat
Infested Planet
Infested Planet – Trickster’s Arsenal DLC
Samorost 3
The Flame in the Flood
Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide
Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide Drachenfels DLC
Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide Item: Razorfang Poison
Dungeon Souls
Neon Chrome
Anomaly 2
Back to Bed
Battlerite DLC YogYog Bear Mount
BiT Evolution
Blade & Soul: Yogscast Pack
Bohemian Killing Original Soundtrack & Artbooks DLC
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
Chronology: Time Changes Everything
Crusaders of the Lost Idols Legendary Starter Pack
Dark Scavenger
Deep Dungeons of Doom
Eisenwald: Blood of November
Faeria Early Access Package
Frozen Synapse
Goat Simulator
Guild Wars 2: Heroic Edition
Guns of Icarus Online Collector’s Edition
Karma Incarceration 1
Oozi: Earth Adventure
Robocraft Jingle Jam Pack
Saturday Morning RPG
Small Radios, Big Televisions
Syder Arcade
Tales Across Time
The Blue Flamingo
The Bridge
Two Digits
Waddle Home



123 Slaughter Me Street
Age of Steel: Recharge
Alice’s Mom’s Rescue
Alien Rage – Unlimited
Annie Amber
Beasts Battle
Between Me and The Night
Blowy Fish
Cities in Motion 2 Collection
Dark Fear
Dragon’s Wake
Into the Void
Leona’s Tricky Adventures
Locked-in Syndrome
Mr. Bree+
Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)
Pay2Win: The Tricks Exposed
Plight of the Zombie
Space Pilgrim Episode II: Epsilon Indi
The Glow
Wave Mechanics